This week I thought I’d step onto the tennis court since I haven’t featured anyone from the sport for quite some time. I’ve chosen to serve the sexy Arnaud Clément, a professional tennis player from France. Voila! Not only is he fancied by the gays because of the sexiness he exudes, but he is also in a relationship with a French singer named Nolween Leroy who is also a bit of a gay icon herself. They’re quite the hot couple!

The 34-year old’s biggest achievement is reaching the final of the 2001 Australian Open. Other highlights include beating top players such as Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Carlos Moya and more recently Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak ?okovi?.

He often wears a bandana and sunglasses while playing, but the sunglasses were actually medically prescribed to him because of severe eye problems he has had in his life, which had nearly left him blind as a child. Check out his sexy pictures below.

Woof right!? Super sexy.

And a great smile too :)

Although a low quality shot, it still does the trick.

So many things I could say… or imagine.

He’s one of those guys that definitely can pull of the scruffy beard look. It totally works for him.