Rising Artist Spotlight: Meet Mariah & Whitney’s Lovechild, Ariana Grande

She’s not related to either diva, but Ariana Grande has the vocal range that made Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston legends. The 19-year-old is best known for her role on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, but with the launch of her recording career, she’s quickly attracted Carey comparisons and rightfully so. “The Way” featuring Mac Miller definitely reminds me of vintage Mariah with its bouncy pop beat and smooth vocal acrobatics. The track peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 while the music video has over 15 million views to date.

Ariana recently uploaded a cover of Houston’s “I Believe In You And Me” and girl slays it. The audio quality is a bit echo-y and it starts out slow, but then she lets loose and her powerful pipes shine. She definitely does the song justice.

Grande has also appeared on MIKA’s “Popular” which offers a fresh twist on the track featured in the hit Broadway musical Wicked. It was the first time composer Stephen Schwartz authorized the usage of his music. Check out all three tracks below.

Ariana Grande ‘The Way’ ft. Mac Miller

Ariana Grande ‘I Believe In You & Me’

MIKA ft. Ariana Grande ‘Popular Song’

What do you think of “The Way?” Do you think Ariana Grande is the second coming of Mariah Carey or just another teen wannabe? Sound off below.

  • Alex

    Ariana is incredible! She never really got any kind of spotlight on Victorious and seeing her do Whitney she really should have. Hopefully she’ll get the chance on her new show, she is an incredible voice for this generation!!!

  • Alan

    It is excited to see someone who has the vocal ability in this century, and SHE CAN SING!!
    To be honest, the first time I listen to “The Way” in radio, I was nearly passed out because I thought it is Mariah’s new song!!
    After a while I just know that it’s not Mariah.
    However, the whole song is so Mariah Style. The airy tone (melisma), runs, whistle at the end, I was like, this girl can run far!!
    If you wonder how Mariah will sound like when she covers Whitney, listen to Ariana’s version of I Believe You & Me.
    Although she is singing a Whitney song, her Mariah style keeps showing up in the whole song!!

    I wont say that she will be the next Mariah or the next Whitney, but she is seriously incredible!!

    Check her version of Mariah’s “Emotions”.
    Her whistle register is as beautiful as Mariah’s, although her belt is still not as powerful and stable as Mariah.

  • Rob

    She does love to look over her shoulder

  • Jay

    The girl can sing. But there’s something about here that keeps preventing me from liking her, and I don’t know what it is.

  • Leon Walker

    She sounds awesome! Her track is such a Mariah track!! Her acapella version of I Believe in you and me is so Mariah with a dash of Christina Aguilera’s show off/self indulgent style (which is not a criticism, I love Xtina!) I refused to listen to the final track coz ewe mika!

  • pop

    Shes good but no comparison to Whitney especially Mariah Carey