Argo Slays The Weekend Box Office

Despite being on its third week out, the award season hopeful, Argo took a giant leap forward and took the number one spot at the weekend box office. Affleck’s project is proving to fair better at the box office than his previous work, The Town. With Halloween just around the corner, it was no surprise that the family friendly, animated film, Hotel Transylvania came in at number two. What about weekend openers?

The highly anticipated Cloud Atlas didn’t seem to have the impact on the box office the films creators had hoped despite it receiving mixed to rave review from critics. Halloween comedy Fun Size barely cracked the top ten while Silen Hill: Revelation held strong at number five. Surfer flick Chasing Mavericks was outshone by all the competition and couldn’t catch a wave into the top ten washing away to thirteen.

  • 1. Argo: $12,355,000 ($60,780,288 total)
  • 2. Hotel Transylvania: $9,500,000 ($130,436,341 total)
  • 3. Cloud Atlas: $9,400,000 (opening weekend)
  • 4. Paranormal Activity 4: $8,675,000 ($42,632,365 total)
  • 5. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: $8,000,000 (opening weekend)
  • 6. Taken 2: $8,000,000 $117,388,845 total)
  • 7. Here Comes the Boom: $5,500,000 ($30,610,472 total)
  • 8. Sinister: $5,070,000 ($39,514,955 total)
  • 9. Alex Cross: $5,050,000 ($19,368,691 total)
  • 10. Fun Size: $4,060,000 (opening weekend)