Aqua Is A “Playmate To Jesus” In New Track & Music Video

To say that Aqua’s newest single is underwhelming would be an understatement. This past summer, Aqua had me excited for a serious comeback with the release of the track How Are You Doin’? which brought the elements of old Aqua sound into a new generation. While some thought it may have sounded a bit too much like Far East Movement’s Like A G6, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So, when I saw the cover art for Aqua’s newest track, Playmate To Jesus, I was excited for another giant leap in that direction. However, I was thoroughly disappointed. The track brings back that old 90’s Aqua sound we love, but slows it down and has no real dynamic at all. It literally stays in the same place the whole time. And then, there’s the music video.

Oh boy, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The imagery is the band is dressed in a lot of black in a white house as the cloud of smoke travels through the hallways, leading the band members to a ladder. The ladder leads to the lit skylight which I think is supposed to symbolize the entry to heaven? It’s all a little foggy to me. If you have spare time, I suggest checking out this video below.

  • X’s on her boobs. I hate that look.

    I feel like…bring back my candyman, and dr jones and all that fun stuff. Why are they all trying to grow up and be serious. That’s not the aqua we love and that’s not the aqua that will sell.

  • I really don’t know what they’re playing at by releasing this. It’s like they are trying to get people to see them as a serious band, vs being fun bubblegum pop; which you can’t do as a comeback single (see: Headlines [Friendship Never Ends]). Back in the 80’s, and How R U Doin’ were MUCH better “Aqua” singles to come back with. They should have released “Like A Robot” like they had originally planned.

  • I’m going against the popular vote on this one. I actually liked the song itself. The video was a little weird, but what video isn’t these days.