Full Trailer Arrives For ‘Anything’ Starring Matt Bomer As A Transgender Woman

Anything first premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 17, 2017. The full trailer for the romance drama has finally arrived.

Anything, directed by Tim McNeill, stars Matt Bomer, Maura Tierney and John Carroll Lynch. Bomer plays Freda, a trans-sex worker living in Los Angeles who befriends her widowed neighbor, Early Landry, from Mississippi.

Not surprisingly, the film has received plenty of criticism for featuring a cisgender actor playing a trans woman and for perpetuating the stereotype that trans women are sex workers. Bomer hasn’t responded to the criticism but Mark Ruffalo, who is an executive producer of the film, did.

Anything arrives in theaters on May 11, 2018. Check out the trailer below.

Anything Movie Trailer