A 20 year old soccer player named Anton Hysén, who plays for Sweden’s Utsiktens BK team, revealed in an interview with Offside Magazine that he is gay. “I am a footballer. And gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys.” When discussing the fact that he’s the first high profile soccer player in Sweden to come out, he said, “It’s totally sick when you think about it. … Where the hell is everyone else?”

Hysén is originally from the UK, and his father (Glenn Hysén) is was a well known soccer player who played for Liverpool in the 80s. His father is very proud of his son for coming out. When Hysén Junior was asked if he felt like coming out would affect his career in any way, he said, “People may call me anything they want, it will just make me even more psyched.”

Wearing his soccer jersey.

Not wearing his soccer jersey. Which do you prefer? :)