Gay Soccer Player Anton Hysén Shows Off His Bubble Butt

Remember when Pippa Middleton’s butt became a worldwide sensation after the royal wedding? While not on the same scale, Anton Hysén also dominated headlines because of his bubble butt. The openly gay professional soccer player wowed audiences when he shook his ample behind on Sweden’s version of “Dancing With The Stars”, “Let’s Dance“.

Not only does he have killer moves on the soccer field, he also has them on the dance floor. Who knew this hottie had “Moves Like Jagger“? Coincidentally enough, he performed a Cha Cha to that song during the second week of competition. Given the attention his butt received, Anton decided to show it in all of its glory for gay magazine, QX. And for that, we are extremely thankful.

“It’s only an ass, What’s the big deal” – Anton Hysén

Naturally, we had to share his sexy photo shoot and cover with you. Not only because he shows a lot of skin, but also we are huge fans of him. For a hot minute there, we thought we had a shot of scoring Anton to play for Vancouver’s soccer team. Sadly, that never came to fruition. Check out a few quotes from his interview with the publication along with pics of Hysen high-kicking and shirtless. Photographer Magnus Ragnvid sure won the lottery when he scored this gig 😉

His Secret To His Behind

15 years of soccer, he answer. OK, not everyone is born with a bubble butt. My brother has the same, our asses stand out as you might say.

On His Type

Never anyone Swedish… I mean the Swedish look. I like American guys with dark hair, dark eyes, tattoos and muscles. I do not really like the “gay look” and I have said that I don’t want a gay man on the “gay scene”.. but here I am right in the middle of it, so that might be hard. But right now I am not looking for anything and I do not have a requirements list. If it comes, it comes.

Why More Professional Athletes Haven’t Come Out

Everyone is so afraid for their career, Anton says. They think that they will loose sponsors and their contract with their club. And they are afraid of the reactions they will get. But if they are good in their chosen sport, why do they care?

If you want to see his ass uncensored, Google it because it’s definitely worth the research. It’s perky and slightly hairy. YUM. We show skin at, but no nudity. We’re classy bitches 😉

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    It is great to have pro athletes stand up with pride as a gay man. However, it rubs me the wrong way when people say “i don’t want someone who has a gay look.” What does a “gay look” mean anyway? Gay men (as straight men) come in all shapes and sizes. Statements like this perpetuate misconceptions and stereotypes (and could even indicate some level of prejudice on itself).

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