It’s Friday, so you know what that means, time to gawk at my weekly crush. After taking a week off last week from beefy boys, I’m back with the ultimate beefy boy. Anton Antipov is a Belarus-born model who currently lives in New York where he’s lived since 13. With those stunning blue eyes, it’s now wonder he was discovered while working retail at A|X.

After submitting his photographs to several agencies, he signed with BOSS Models. Early in his career, the 5’11” stud worked runway, posed for fashion editorials and in appeared in several coffee table books. When he started to bulk up, he changed his focus to fitness modeling and signed on with Silver Models.

Nowadays he can be seen mostly dropping trou and modeling the latest in underwear, swimsuits and anything that requires him to show off his sexy torso. Besides the obvious workouts at the gym, Anton has started to dabble in typography and blogging in his spare time. He’s even designed a few screened t-shirts you can purchase at

Sorry to break the news to you fellow homos, but the man likes fish. Having said that, he doesn’t mind us looking, but and the odd innocent touching. During my research, I read he once worked at the gay bar XL in Chelsea. I’m sure the tips he received runneth over and probably got propositioned every night.

Never in my life have I ever wanted to be perspiration. The slight traces of fur is uber hot, don’t you think?

Obviously after getting sweaty and dirty, Anton has to hit the showers. Dayum. Ogling at this pic makes me want to hit something ;).

Doesn’t he look all nice and fresh. I’m sure he smells great too. Even sitting down cross-legged, there isn’t an ounce of fat in his mid-section. Life’s not fair.

Look how scholarly my weekly crush is. Is he brushing up on his current events, finance section, or the classifieds?

Volleyball. I’d let him six-pack me. Oooh that sounds super dirty.

Quick poll. Does Anton look better coming or going? With that junk, my vote is for the going.

Okay, I sound like a broken record here, but how insane is his body. I’m sure he’s rock solid.

I thought I’d put in a couple of pics from his younger leaner days. He looks like Pop Idol winner Will Young on the left, don’t you think?

With that physique, Anton looks like a real-life superhero. My vote is for Colossus.

Oh, just hanging with the boys by the pool. Even in this sea of man soup, Anton stands out with his killer smile. I’d be smiling too, if I was looking at that guy’s bubble butt.

I thought I’d throw in at least one picture of him with clothes on. At least the track jacket he’s wearing is zipped low.

Now that’s one advertising billboard space I’d buy. I guess Club H stands for CLUB HOT. This was taken at 2009’s Broadway Bares benefit.

Okay I lied. I put in another pic of him wearing clothes. When his best assets are covered up, his face still wows on its own merit.

I figure one last picture of him shirtless couldn’t hurt. Have a great weekend everyone.