Is ANTM Going Legit On Us?

This is MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY-JOR. Not sure if Vogue Editor-at-Large and new ANTM judge, Andre Leon Talley had something to do with this, but this is big news in the land of ANTM. For years now, Tyra has been trying to get fashion industry cred, and I think she might actually get it after the next cycle.

During The CW upfronts, it was announced the winner of cycle 15 of ANTM would receive a cover for ITALIAN VOGUE. That’s right. ITALIAN VOGUE! MAAAAY-JOR. Not Bulgarian Vogue, not Nicaraguan Vogue, not North Dakotan Vogue but ITALIAN VOGUE. In fashion circles, that’s like winning the Super Bowl for models. Somewhere out there, Seventeen Magazine editor, Ann Shoket, is drowning herself in a sea of carbs. What other reality show will take Miss Shoket now?

Scoring a Seventeen Magazine cover has been part of the winner’s prize since cycle 7. Prior to that, they only scored fashions spreads in Elle, Marie Claire or Jane Magazine. No covers, just editorial pages with exception to cycle 5 Nicole Linkletter, who also won an Elle Girl Cover.

Jay Manuel told media at the CW upfront that the girls couldn’t stop screaming when the new prize was announced. Could we finally get a true top model out of ANTM? Will all 13 models be full of potential instead of cannon fodder and ones with a sympathetic back story?

First fashion legend Talley joined the panel, now Italian Vogue is involved, what next? scoring a million dollar ad-campaign with Prada, Gucci, Chloe??? Maybe Revlon and Maybelline will swoop in as the cosmetics sponsor. CoverGirl, watch your back.

Attention ANTM fans! What do you make of this latest development? Is Tyra, after 14 cycles, finally trying to discover a real supermodel from the competition? Weigh in below with your comments.

  • One would hope that ALT has some say in casting… Tyrant loves the sob story and hates girls with more potential than she ever had. That’s why high fashion girls never win.

  • Marc

    God I feel old!
    I thought this show was for highschool girls and gay boys.

  • Robyn

    Word, Rich. I agree, Tyra loves the “diamond in the rough”/”ghetto” ass-kissing protege. I think ALT changed ANTM from the moment he got involved. His contract almost for sure gives him a chunk of creative control.

  • MNW

    Shocked the hell out of me that Italian Vogue would be willing to do this, especially considering the mediocre-ass winners Tyra has been going recently (Saleisha, Whitney, Teyona, Krista). I hope this means she’ll pick someone good this time, instead of going with the sob story like she always does and wasting this oppurtunity. Cycle 14 was the first cycle I didnt watch (I finally broke my addiction!!!), and after reading the recaps, I dont regret it, however if she finally steps it up for 15, I may fall back into old habits. Is 15 going to be a shortie cycle?

  • flathead

    i think you will find that it is will be a “double” secondary of italian vogue.
    it wont be the “IT” front cover of vogue…no way, italian vogue does double covers all the time, i know cuz i subscribe the men’s version l’uomo vogue.
    anyway if that was the case, vogue would want a say in the models handpicked to be finalists.
    if that is the case, thank god, because im soooo sick and tired of seeing girls like brenda, anslee, alexandra etc in the competition… they are cannon fodder… bring on the real competition. you cannot tell me that thin modelesque girls dont fight and bitch?! puh lez! when your diet is cigarette’s and air, you would get cranky too honey.
    besides you cannot grace the cover of italian vogue as a reality show winner… no way! not even the most succesful winner of ntm, russia’s winner ..i forgot her name, has graced the cover of italian vogue.
    i would throw out my shoe collection if that ever happened.
    besides, australia’s ntm previously, the winner got a 6-page spread in vogue, alice burdeu but vogue loved her soo much they gave her a cover.
    but after a controversial season following alice’s season, where they tried to force vogue to put the new girl on the cover — vogue refused and cut ties…now i think its like grazia magazine or something which is soooo low rent… its like drinking substitute coffee… BLEH!

  • CJLP

    HA! Cigarettes and Air!!! Loves that!
    Anyways, if the Italian Vogue cover is a sure thing (double cover or otherwise), Franca Sozzani (the Editor in Chief) will for sure have a say in choosing the winner. Her and the magazine’s reputation will be on the line. So I’m hoping that the casting will be a lot more selective.

  • Allison


  • Z

    I was at the LA castings (the very final) if this is real, it makes sense, alot of the girls had alot of potential, well some most than others, but I already have a good clue of the people who made it.

  • Chris

    Well it is true that Tyra loves sob stories (ex Angelea from Cycle 14 who has no business in the modeling industry) and she loves plus size and older contestants. Plus for some reason she loves ghetto girls who are tough and nasty and cause drama the house (ex Alasia cycle 14 who is too immature and plain looking to be a model). Over 40 different countries have their own version of Top Model, but only three contestants have been truly successful in the industry.

    The winner of Russia’s Next Top Model cycle 1 Ksenia Kakhnovich has appeared in campaigns for D&G and Gucci plus she has walked a number of couture shows and even closed Elie Saab couture in Jan ’09. In the few yeas that she has been on the international runway circuit she has walked well over 50 shows for designers like Dior, Gucci, Versace, Valentino, Chanel, and Chaddo Ralph Rucci. She has been in editorials for Harpers Bazaar and French Vogue and French Marie Claire.

    Australia’s Next Top Model cycle 3 winner Alice Burdeu has been on the cover of Australian Vogue twice and has appeared in campaigns for D&B, Blumarine, and Sonia Rykiel. She has walked for designers like Christopher Kane, Topshop, D 7G, Marc Jacobs, LaCroix and Alexander McQueen. She has also appeared in editorials for British Elle and Italian Marie Claire.

    Patricia Van Der Vliet placed fourth in Holland’s Next Top Model. In the Fall ’10 season she walked over 50 shows and she has appeared in campaigns for Burberry and Balenciaga and she has appeared in editorials for British, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Italian Vogue. She has also walked for Givenchy haute couture and in Sept ’09 she walked as a Prada exclusive which is without a doubt the most coveted position for any beginning model.

    Besides these three girls no other contestant has really entered the fashion industry and Tyra continues to trick girls who are nothing but American mall rat into think that they could be real models in New York, Pairs, London and Milan; in stead of doing any good Tyra just gets these girls hopes ups only to disappoint them later. If she were just to tell them that they are too fat or too old or too short or too commercial or too ugly in the first place she could spare them a lot of humiliation, but in stead Tyra wants to give them false hope. It is one thing to want to encourage a girl’s self esteem and make her feel beautiful, it is another thing to convince a girl who could never be a fashion model to try and enter an industry which will tear her apart and reduce her to tears. Trya needs to be more realistic. Hopefully with this new prize of the cover of Italian Vogue other more important legit fashion industry people will be able to really choose a good winner. After all of the hoaxes that America’s Next Top Model has produced in the way of some very unqualified winners (ex Saleisha or Teyona), Tyra has to have almost no cred in the industry amoung the real fashion elite, so hopefully Andre Lean Talley and Franca Sozzani will be able to make a difference and choose a winner who isn’t ugly or too old!

  • claymore48

    I think its wrong to for them to simply RECIEVE a cover of Italian vogue…..covers are earned and should be earned…not simply presented to them….i mean the recent winnner, krista…could u imagine her on the cover of italian vogue? i sure as hell couldnt…shes not a good model yet she won….how stupid!

  • Dave

    Oh who fucking cares about ur stupid invalid opions on trash reality tv Donovan? What the hell is “homorazzi” supposed to mean anyway? Go interview Peter breeze
    or some other douchie Vancouver gay cuz that’s the closest you’ll ever get to an actual “star” in ur lifetime!