Since we’re in between “America’s Next Top Model” cycles, I thought it was the perfect time to start a new feature. When a cycle is airing, is riddled with ANTM-related posts between Rich’s hilariously biting recaps and my previews of upcoming photo shoots. Then when the cycle ends, the site becomes sort of an ANTM ghost town.

To remedy this, I decided to write a weekly post giving you an update on some of my favorite ANTM models ever to compete on the show. I thought this was a great way to tide us over in between cycles. Plus, we get to catch up on models that were eliminated way too soon on the show thanks to Tyra’s insane whims.

With the first ever ANTM All-Star Cycle behind us, I thought we could catch up on a few girls who definitely are All-Stars and should’ve made the show, but didn’t. Let’s face it, the ones truly working in the industry probably didn’t want to tarnish their image to come back to the modeling farce *cough* Elyse anyone??? *cough*. With that said, I thought I’d begin this new series with one of my favorites who was definitely robbed on their cycle.

Lauren Brie Harding competed on the 11th cycle of the series. She started out strong but then received the dreaded talented-but-no-personality edit. A storyline often befalling my favorites. Even though Lauren Brie earned praise for having one of the best photos in ANTM history (see above), the blond beauty was cut unceremoniously because she was boring. Instead of reaching the finale, she was outlasted by Joslyn, Sheena, Samantha, McKey etc.

They say success is the best revenge, and Lauren Brie is definitely proving that. Harding consistently books jobs for print campaigns, magazine editorials and runway shows. After ANTM, Lauren Brie was signed to several agencies including Major (NYC), Metropolitan (Paris), Elite (Milano), Next (Miami) and Priscillas Modeling Management (Sydney). Check out a few of my favorite photos of Harding post-ANTM below.

ANTM Elimination Photo

Now that you’ve seen a sampling of Lauren Brie’s portfolio after ANTM, I thought it would be fun to revisit the photo that caused her elimination. Clearly this picture was chosen to sabotage LB’s chances. Tyra obviously didn’t want her to win so she picked a less-than-flattering photo. Week in and week out, Tyra claims she picks the best photo, but I’d bet the following was Harding’s worst one. Anyone agree? Clearly Lauren Brie was robbed big time.

Hope you enjoyed my new series. Which ANTM alum should I feature next week? Post all your suggestions below.