Just because we don’t recap America’s Next Top Model anymore (Rich has been extremely busy), doesn’t mean we’re not watching it. Rich and myself still love making fun of Tyra and the contestants’ antics each week. With Cycle 20 adding guys in the mix for the first time, I thought I’d ask our readers who they thought the hottest one is out of the bunch. To reiterate, the hottest and not the most modelesque. Those two don’t always go hand in hand in the fashion industry.

For myself, I can’t decide between Phil Sullivan or Mike Scocozza. Both are extremely sexy. I love Sullivan’s scruff and Scocozza’s goofy dimwitted look. What can I say, I like a dumb-looking guy 😉 Then there’s also Don Benjamin’s gorgeous eyes and Jeremy Rohmer’s hot body. Decisions, decisions. Check out pictures of all the guys below, minus Chris Schellenger since he was already eliminated. I tried to add pics from both the show and other miscellaneous shots. Be sure to cast your vote after inspecting the goods 😉

Chris Hernandez

Cory Hindorff

Don Benjamin

Jeremy Rohmer

Marvin Cortes

Mike Scocozza

[Photo Credit: Andrew Tomasino]

Phil Sullivan

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