ANTM Renewed For Cycle 20 And With A Huge Twist

When the CW banished America’s Next Top Model to Friday nights, many fans feared the end was near for the veteran reality show. Proving she’s a cockroach you just can’t kill, Tyra Banks isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The network announced this week that a 20th Cycle has been ordered. Sadly though, we’ll have to wait til Summer 2013 to watch Tyra mold a whole new set of wannabe models. It’s only fitting it’s getting shuffled back to Summer, since that’s where it all began years ago.

While ratings have dipped a little due to it’s new night, they haven’t slid as drastically as many have expected. Perhaps, all of Banks’ changes help stop the bleeding. Speaking of changes, the 38-year-old implemented a whole whackload this cycle, practically reinventing the show.

Nigel Barker was swapped out for male supermodel Rob Evans, Johnny Wujek replaced Jay Manual as photo shoot director and fashion blogger BryanBoy was added to the mix. But the biggest change of all was allowing the public to vote on each model’s photo, thereby making viewers the fourth judge. If you thought the Cycle 19 changes were huge, wait til you see what she has in store for Cycle 20.

For the first time in ANTM history, male models are allowed to enter the competition. WOOHOO. Finally, we get some tasty man eye candy to ogle at and objectify. Both the male and female contestants will live in the models’ house. Is it me, or is this starting to sound like a lamer version of ABC’s The Glass House. How many showmances do you think we’ll see? Once again, social media will play a huge factor in determining the winner. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite models as they progress in the competition.

Do you think adding some testosterone is a good idea? Has Tyra jumped the shark even further? Are you excited that a 20th Cycle is on our way? Bummed that it won’t be til next Summer? Sound off below.

  • Charles

    It makes ANTM becomes more similar to Make Me A Supermodel, especially if fan’s contribute will be bigger than cycle 19. I think it will be better if cycle 20 is a male model edition.

  • zurvivor

    They better get a lot of hot hunks. I would watch the show then.

  • >=O

    agree with charles, why not do a male edition… tyra is now branding her show like all the other ones.
    – make me a supermodel
    – that show with vanessa manilo as a host
    – etc

  • They should do a celebrity edition! At least then the concept for this show would make sense.
    As far as men go, it would actually just start to seem like make me a supermodel, which while not without great looking men, was not all that interesting.

  • Sebas

    The hardcore fans of this show are basically gays, so.. male models would be very appreciated!
    Waiting for it :9

  • Crystal

    Hopefully we get another, “YOU HAD SEX-TH” moment. That was so epic.

  • abc

    Well, Tyran has proved she has very bad taste in female model, don’t expect she would has any good taste in man either!~

  • JMC

    Yep, I’ll watch cycle 20 religiously then haha

  • Ivan

    Is this still on?

  • Charles

    >=0 : do you mean “True Beauty” ? Tyra is one of the executive producer for that show.

  • Rob

    Boo I would have love to see an all-guys show. I bet this will be like british invasion with guys on one side girls in the other and competing. The photoshoots will have to be neutral again like, nothing too manly or sporty so the girls can shine as well, and same with femenine couture shots were guys wouldnt have much to wear.
    Tyrant always find the way to ruin things up. And btw, this democracy concept in c19 is so false, bc she’s always altering the results by giving the lowest scores to the one she won’t like, and saving Kiara’s ass always with a 9 or 10 or something like that. Notice she’s the only one backing her up, and even when it is very clear she’s the last one in social networks.

    Im gonna watch anyway, hope she makes at least one shoot where I can see their butts

  • Ode

    Obviously i’m in favor of hot guys posing. I remember the American attempt at Make me a Super Model. It was really good but i can get why people thought it was boring. Even before that they tried a male modeling show that lasted 1 season, that was total bullshit. I hope this sparks some interest. I might check it out, i haven’t seen ANTM for a while now.

  • David

    im so excited! ready for that male bulge…i mean smize hehe

  • Olive

    This sounds interesting. I bet it will be like cycle 18 (cough, which laura should have won, just saying even though i liked sophie)with the half and half aspect. I’m addicted to this show its really sad so when/if (it seems like it wouldve ended a few cycles ago if they were gonna get rid of it. tyra is probably paying them to keep it on HA) it ends im screwed.

  • missannmcd

    None of it matters at all since the entire show has lost it’s class. It’s just ghettowood now. Classless judges and some Brian Boy douche. C’mon Ty Ty really? Put the class acts back in like Nigel and the J’s. These current judges are so ghetto class…

  • Shaine marjoe Beringuela

    Hi Tyra! I love this show also your models! Mostly I like is Nina,jourdan,chlea,kakani,Alexandra and virgg! In men’s I like Jeremy,marvin,cris H.,Cory, and don! Tyra please pick me to your cycle 30! Hehehe talk to you:)