ANTM Cycle 19: Week 9 Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

“Please stick to the rivers, and the lakes that you’re used to”. Such wise words from TLC. Love, love, love them. RIP Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

It’s week nine of the competition, and we’re at an undisclosed international destination. Given last week’s river rafting shoot and this week’s waterfall location, it’s safe to assume we’re not in a fashion capital like Milan or Paris. I’m thinking Costa Rica or something in that region. It seems the budget for Cycle 19 has been slashed. Just look at the prizes.

Gone is the Vogue Italia cover and shoot. Even more shocking, the $100,000 CoverGirl cosmetics gig is also dunzo. YOWZA. Instead, the “winner” scores a $100,000 cash prize, campaigns for Nine West and Smashbox Cosmetics, a spread in Nylon magazine, an endorsement deal with ANTM perfume, “Dream Come True” and a modeling contract with LA Models & NY Model Management.

For this week, Tyra Banks snaps the Cycle 19 girls in a jungle paradise shoot under a cascade of water. There are many aspects of Banks that annoy me on the show, but when she photographs the girls, they usually turn out pretty good. The lace/shadow shoot with Krista and Allison Harvard in that bird nest immediately come to mind. See if Tyra creates magic once more with the collegiate models below.

Allyssa Vuelma

All washed up. And that bathing suit is heinous.

Brittany Brown

I’m sorry, but not even Naomi Campbell could look elegant with water gushing down her face.

Darian Ellis

I’m on the fence on this one. Part of me likes it, but part of me thinks Vibe Magazine poster.

Destiny Strudwick

She looks a little sleepy, but I sorta like the Indian-vibe Destiny is giving.

Jessie Rabideau

Gorgeous. Very Cleopatra. That said, there is a tad too much nostril and why the eff is there a hanger in her hair?

Kiara Belen

Loving the arch. Very National Geographic.

Kristin Kagay

Kristin was an early favorite, but the past few weeks she has disappointed. She looks like she’s taking a dump (and enjoying it).

Laura James

Not many could pull off this pose. Diggin’ the primal feel of the pic.

Leila Goldkuhl

Booty tooch, check. Toes pointed, check. Longing look, check.

Nastasia Scott

Hands down, my favorite picture from Natasia. Hopefully, she’s still in the competition at this point. I’d love to hear what the judges think of it.

Victoria Henley

Victoria is giving major Amazonian princes. Wish we could’ve seen her legs.

Yvonne Powless

Hate to say it, but I’m loving Yvonne’s profile here.

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For me this week, I like Natasia, Leila, Kiara, and Jessie’s pictures the most. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • Rob

    Brittany Brown’s OMG so bad (shake)

  • Crystal

    Kiara looks like she is masturbating. I would say get it gurl, but on the other hand it’s kind of hoochtastic and Tyra doesn’t like hoochie stuff. Plus, her photos haven’t been all that great to most voters looking at all the comments.

    I’m kind of surprised they didn’t dump covergirl sooner because they shoot a lot of their photoshoots at smashbox studios, which of course is owned by the same people who founded smashbox cosmetics. It’s pretty convenient. It’s not cheap. It’s professional grade makeup. I wish they added photogenics as the LA agency, also owned by smashbox.

  • Sean/Milan™

    I’m confused CWTV says cycle 19 doesn’t start til August 24th!!!

  • Charles

    I heard the international destination for this cycle is… JAMAICA. So sad 🙁

  • Monkey

    Lols at the hanger in Jessie’s hair, otherwise a good photo

  • ADAM

    it’s pretty obvious who are still in the competition. those who just have water as background are the eliminated girls. those who have broader shot, and with falls or rocks as background are still in the competition. LEILA is the one who came back

  • Susuco

    Victoria is very beautiful and power!
    But…..could’ve seen her legs……

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