ANTM Cycle 19: Week 5 Owl Steampunking Photo Shoot

After last week’s lackluster photo shoot, Tyra and company get back on track with a decent high fashion editorial. The ladies get steamy In a Harry Potter-type shoot, complete with magical owls and trains. The official description from ANTM’s Fan Page describes the girls going down the rabbit hole to the fantastical world of steampunk! LOL. Oh Tyra.

Since Nic, Brian and I are in Washington, DC for the city’s pride, I thought I’d let Nic comment on this week’s pics. Not having watched the past few cycles or knowing anything about the current girls, NIc isn’t as hardcore about the show as Rich or I. So, I thought it would be nice to get his perspective. Also, I limited him to only using one word, with a couple of exceptions. Check out this week’s photos and Nic’s one-word descriptions below.

Allyssa Vuelma


Brittany Brown


Darian Ellis

Discount shoe commercial.

Destiny Strudwick


Jessie Rabideau


Kiara Belen


Kristin Kagay

Prison field.

Laura James


Leila Goldkuhl


Nastasia Scott


Victoria Henley


Yvonne Powless

DiVVVa (more v’s cuz she’s plus size)

ANTM Cycle 19: Who Are Your Favorite(s)?

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For me this week, I like Jessie, KIara, Laura, Leila & Victoria’s pictures the most. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • Slade

    LAura and JEssie’s photos are by far the best!!!

  • Yvonne may just be one of the first plus-sizes I like since Tocorra. She actually knows how to work with what she has.

  • LS

    Allyssa – bird shit
    Brittany – prop whore
    Darian – in labor
    Destiny – ‘s Child
    Jessie – Modeling 101 hand-behind-head pose
    Kiara – Legssssssssssssss
    Kristin – Intensity
    Laura – Cooky
    Leila – Clothes Hanger
    Nastasia – Titanic
    Victoria – Weird Al
    Yvonne – Prison Guard

  • shannon

    If Victoria wins, I will never watch ANTM again. She is an arrogant girl!! I already thought ANTM “jumped the shark” when “ANNE” won a few cycles ago.

  • gary

    i am dying at these comments LMAO

  • Katie

    Best to worst
    Laura- OMG crazy amazing
    Jessie- high fashion
    Brittany- edgy/pretty damn good but HUGO
    Allyssa- edgy yet beautiful but awkward
    Victoria- pretty but too safe and too circus-y
    Nastasia- pretty but too sad
    Kristin- she’s gorgeous but awkward body in this picture
    Destiny- a step up for her but she looks super short
    Kiara- looks like a man
    Darian- looks cheap
    Yvonne- not flattering
    Leila- looks like she’s pissing