ANTM Cycle 19: Week 4 Bring It On Photo Shoot

Just like last week, all the girls participate in this week’s photo shoot so producers don’t reveal the boot list for “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19. Does this mean Tyra is flying everyone out for the overseas trip? It’s interesting looking at the photos knowing that two girls have been eliminated at this point along with Maria Tucker who withdrew after the nude photo shoot during week two. What if a previously axed contestant turns out a better photo in weeks after their respective elimination over the remaining wannabes?

Given that, it’s the first ever college edition, it’s about time the girls pose in a collegiate-themed photo shoot. Tyra Banks has the girls being aggressive, b-e aggressive. In other words, it’s “Bring It On” time. Dressed in fashionable cheerleading outfits and outfitted with pom-poms, the ladies compete to show who has the most school spirit. I should also mention, the shoot feature hot shirtless male cheerleaders in tight shorts. RAH, RAH, RAH. Check out this week’s photos below and predict who’ll get first call out in our comment’s section.

Allyssa Vuelma

Toes pointed. Neck stretched. Fierce face. Overall great photo.

Brittany Brown

I find Brittany not going all the way with her pose. Not loving the open mouth either.

Darian Ellis

Doesn’t she look a bit like Tyra here? Doesn’t seem like there is much intent in her pose. It’s a little pedestrian.

Destiny Strudwick

Too safe of a pose. Once again, I think Destiny has been eliminated at this point. Producers are just making her pose so the season isn’t spoiled.

Jessie Rabideau

I wish they gave Jessie a couple of pom-poms to pose with. That would’ve made this photo better.

Kiara Belen

It’s odd that Kiara is the only one where the guys are propping her up. I’m a little jealous she’s being manhandled by all those hot college guys.

Kristin Kagay

Once again Kristin delivers. She’s one of the shortest, but she looks long here.

Laura James

Giving good face. I’m on the fence with the pose. It’s different from the rest, but she looks like she’s falling rather than giving a solid cheer.

Leila Goldkuhl

One of my favorites of the week. It’s high fashion Kristin Dunst.

Nastasia Scott

Another favorite of mine. Natasia’s face looks so relaxed while giving give some major cheerleading couture.

Victoria Henley

Someone looks a little double-jointed. I wish her other foot was showing. Actually, her one hand looks a little awkward as well.

Yvonne Powless

Ooooh, fiercely real Yvonne is keeping it really fierce.

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For me this week, I like Allyssa, Leila and Natasia’s pictures the most. One of them will definitely be FCO (first call out) when this episode airs. It’s hard to say who’s in trouble since we don’t know who’s been eliminated already. I think Destiny, Victoria, Kiara and Brittany could be on the chopping block, if not already axed. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • Marciveric

    Another stupid photoshoot, but ohh well, it’s Top Model. I would say that Laura, Kristen Leila, and Jessie did well. I agree that Destiny is eliminated, I also think that Darian is eliminated as well.

  • Slade

    Being a former cheerleader myself, I would say Laura and Natasia has the best photos! Kristen looks more like she is falling then LAURA!

  • Emilio

    Seriously WTF!!! This season of ANTM is going to blow another stupid shoot well in my opinion. Seems like Tyra is trying to get her show cancelled on purpose lol. Hmm Tyra needs to fire the creative director of. We need Mr.J back !!!! Tyra needs better photoshoots

  • Ewan

    Enough of the girls. Who are the male models/jocks in the photos? LOL!

  • Olivia

    I like Kiara the most because it is an actual cheerleading pose. No cheerleader poses in the air.

  • Katie

    My ranked this week
    1: Kristin
    2: Nastasia
    3: Laura
    4: Allyssa
    5: Kiara
    6: Yvonne
    7: Leila
    8: Darian
    9: Brittany
    10: Victoria
    11: Jessie
    12: Destiny