ANTM Cycle 19: Week 3 Zombie Photo Shoot

For anyone who was worried that “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 19’s newly-added viewer voting component would reveal weekly eliminations months in advance, fear not. As I suspected, all the girls, whether axed or remaining, have a “best” picture from the photo shoot. PHEW, no spoilers. That said, each week the girls film a plea video where they pander for fan votes. Judging by their demeanor and body language, you can guess who’s no longer in the competition. At least, I think you can. I won’t reveal who I think was eliminated in Week 2.

Forget vampires, it’s all about zombies now. With “The Walking Dead” a hit and that freak Miami zombie eating incident (so creepy), it’s all about living dead. Naturally, Tyra had the girls fall “victim” to this trend. The art direction is cool and the photos remind of ANTM Cycle 8 where the models posed as crime scene victims. That shoot proved controversial, as critics stated it glorified violence against women. With the zombie theme, Tyra won’t get the same flack, but will get the same end result.

Check out ANTM Cycle 19’s Week Three pictures below. Predict who’ll get first call out and which model will be eliminated in our comments section. See if you have what it takes to sit alongside Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone and new judge Rob Evans.

Allyssa Vuelma

Ever wonder what Mary Poppins would look like as a zombie? Just look at Allyssa’s pic above.

Brittany Brown

Brittany channeling her inner Bree Van de Kamp. Not loving the pose, but the face is gorge. Red hair suits the former brunette.

Darian Ellis

Darian is adorable in her plea videos, but it’s just not translating in pictures, IMHO.

Destiny Strudwick

If Destiny hasn’t already been eliminated before Week 3, this shoot will be her undoing. As ALT would say, this is dreckitude.

Jessie Rabideau

Giving me MAY-JAH high fashion. Much better than last week’s photo with Rob Evans.

Kiara Belen

Kiara looks like a backup dancer for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video. Good thing or bad? You decide.

Kristin Kagay

Kristin hasn’t let me down yet… until now. She’s definitely been one of my favorites, but this pose makes the 5’7″ blonde look even shorter. All kinds of fierce though with the face. WERK.

Laura James

Laura has the most vocal fans and I’m sure this photo will keep them happy. Haven’t jumped on the Laura bandwagon yet, but this is definitely bringing me a lot closer. The composition, pose, styling… it all works.

Leila Goldkuhl

She could’ve gone further with the brokendown doll pose. Still loving Leila though. Hopefully she survives.

Nastasia Scott

The more I look at Natasia, the more she reminds me of Nik from Cycle 5. She looks like a Caribbean Bride of Frankenstein above. FIERCE.

Victoria Henley

What is she pointing at? Not very zombie like.

Yvonne Powless

She’s giving face but she seems more like a Pussycat Doll backup dancer than zombie couture.

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For me this week, I like Natasia, Laura and Jessie’s picture. One of them will definitely be FCO (first call out) when this episode airs. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • I don’t quite understand the point of doing spoilers for a few weeks into a show we haven’t even seen a premier for yet. Then again, to be fair, I’ve never been much of a fan of spoilers, in general. I like to watch things as they unfold instead of knowing the outcome before I can really enjoy it.

  • Sexy

    @Donovan! 🙂 How do you actually get these spoilers? 😀 I love it! Thanks! When’s ANTM Cycle 19 be aired anyway?

  • Katie

    My Ranked This Week:
    1: Laura
    2: Jessie
    3: Leila
    4: Brittany
    5: Nastasia
    6: Kristin
    7: Darian
    8: Allyssa
    9: Victoria
    10: Destiny
    11: Yvonne
    12: Kiara