ANTM Cycle 19: Week 10 “Dreams Come True”

Since CoverGirl is no longer part of the “career-making” prize package, this week’s shoot focuses on “America’s Next Top Model’s” first fragrance- Dream Come True. Out of curiosity, has anyone ever smelled it? Does it embody the funky smell of Tyra’s pits or the smell of shattered hopes and dreams of former contestants? I’d like to know.

This week’s photo assignment has the Cycle 19 models, once again, posing in water. Tyra, I get that you’re in Jamaica (rumored international destination), but does everything have to involve a river, waterfall or an ocean? I’m sure the island nation has much more to offer, like steel drums 😉 Check out the girls’ best photos below and see who has what it takes to become the newest face of the fragrance and receive the Dream Come True campaign. It’s almost as prestigious as fronting a Chanel No. 5 ad *wink*.

Allyssa Vuelma

It’s pretty, but doesn’t really go anywhere. Wading in mediocrity.

Brittany Brown

Her mouth looks too tense. Brittany still looks washed up after last week’s waterfall trainwreck.

Darian Ellis

Oh honey… Dreams will never come true if you keep posing like this.

Destiny Strudwick

Destiny doesn’t look very pleased. Who can blame her? She probably was eliminated early, but had to keep posing for the photos to avoid spoilers. I don’t blame the bitch. It must be hard to pose knowing you have no shot at the title anymore.

Jessie Rabideau

Really TYRA!!! This was her best picture. I think not. I smell sabotage here. Maybe Jessie has Allison Harvard-itis, where she can’t open her eyes too much in the bright sun?

Kiara Belen

This is actually pretty. Serene and simple, but sadly not right for a perfume campaign.

Kristin Kagay

Is it me or does Kristin’s bottle look huge? I get she’s the shortest of the bunch, but come on.

Laura James

Laura’s best assets are definitely her eyes which rock in this photo. They’re mysterious, beautiful and smize-ready at all times.

Leila Goldkuhl

I want to go to there. Absolutely breathtaking. Looks like a real fragrance ad.

Nastasia Scott

Caribbean beauty right here. Not crazy about the string of hair on her face, but love the picture. Can almost feel the refreshing breeze as I type this out.

Victoria Henley

A little too sexy for pimping out a fragrance. Speaking of which, why is her bottle so awfully photoshopped. You can barely read it.

Yvonne Powless

Baby got back. How gorgeous is her face? A little African American, a little Native American, a little Indian. KILLER. Too bad, she’s probably gone at this point.

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For me this week, I like Natasia, Leila, and Laura’s pictures the most. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • Owen

    Gotta give props to Leila. It’s the only one I actually like this week.

  • I really like some of the pics. But as it stands with some of the previous pictures, can we really be sure some of them actually made it that far. Point and case, Kristen. Also, Yvonne is fast gaining my respect just by being the one plus size girl in a while to work it out in pictures. In your face, Whitney and Simone!

  • Steven

    I’m sorry, but whoever photo-shopped these photo’s should get fired; the person who set up the lighting too.

  • chico

    steel drums are not from Jamaica…they are from Trinidad & Tobago!! 😀 and they are not steel druns…they are called steel pan!

  • Andy

    Are they even in the water? Poorly photo shopped and those bottles look so cheesy. Love Leila’s photo. I think we got a winner.

  • Steph

    Laura looks like Whitney (cycle 10) in this picture. It’s a great photo. The resemblance is uncanny though!