Meet Tyra Banks’ Replacements For ANTM’s Next Cycle + Upcoming Huge Changes

The CW just presented their new schedule for the upcoming season and boy was it a SHOCKER. Only one show remained in its time slot, while everything else was shuffled around. Included in the massive relocation was “America’s Next Top Model“. The modeling competition was booted to Friday nights at 8 pm. OUCH.

Given its declining ratings, CW’s decision to move it is actually quite brilliant. At this point only hardcore fans watch the show and will most likely follow it to the virtual wasteland known as Friday night television viewing. If ANTM garners the same ratings as it does now, in its new Friday slot, it will be considered a success. That means we can expect more cycles in the future. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad one 😉

For Cycle 19, Tyra and company have a few major changes coming our way. First off, the show will have its first ever college edition. This was inspired by Banks’ recent graduation from Harvard Business School. Coeds from any higher education institution qualifies, including beauty schools. LOL. The next change is HUGE and will appease many of ANTM’s diehard fans.

For the first time on the American version, it’ll allow viewer votes to factor in with the judges’ decisions. In other international cycles, this is nothing new. They have incorporated viewer votes in their live finales for years. Starting on May 24, fans will have two opportunities a week to vote online at based on the photos taken during production. These votes will be factored in each week when Tyra and the judges eliminate someone. Speaking of judges. Meet Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel’s replacements below.

Sitting on the panel with Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone, will be male fashion model Rob Evans. I fully approve of this decision, as I’ve featured Evans in one of my Model Behavior posts. Hopefully, there’s a brain to match that pretty head and smoking body of his. Nigel during the early years was one of my favorite judges.

Taking over Jay Manuel on the photo shoots is Johnny Wujek. He’ll be the creative consultant on the shoots and guide the girls on set. Wujek is a sought after stylist who’s worked with Katy Perry, Shakira and Rachel Bilson. He’s also really close friends with the latter as you can tell in the picture above.

What do you think of all the upcoming changes to ANTM? Will you follow the show to Friday nights? Do you think Rob Evans and Tommy Wujek are great additions? Sound off below.

  • Aqua

    Rob Evans is a model.. what could he bring to the panel.. he cant give any direction s to the girls.. I wish they added a new photographer to the panel instead of this TOOL.

    and oh .. Why isnt Kelly Suckrone not fired yet.. she should be Fucking Fired

  • Guðmundur

    WOW don´t like at all

  • Nosh

    I like the idea of being interactive with the show… often the fans have better taste than the judges.

    I worry that the show is being moved to Friday nights, though. I can’t see the show going past cycle 20.

  • Andre

    LAMEEEE, I’m done watching this show. Kbye.

  • Jairo Eluvier Acosta Guevara

    Well, I actually think this is a desperate desition. We have seen how the most potential girls had been cut in the first weeks because of the bad and stupid ideas of Tyra. I love her but I think shes just taking bad desitions once and over and onver again.

  • Rob

    Might be desperate but I’d love the idea of voting (unless Tyrant manipulates the votes, I can totally imagine her texting like crazy to save one of her Tiffany’s asses)

    This will be a bigger turn in the show that it seems:
    till now we’ve been used to Tyrant manipulating the show and making some contestants look better than others (or at least look, as she usually hides the ones she doesn’t want to win :P)

    So the edition this time might be a bit more neutral
    sure they can still build some storylines.. but the second they’re the same old cra**p of the poor old getto gerl people wont buy it

    exiiiting! =D

  • I’m happy about Rob Evans on the panel. He’s gorgeous. I would’ve rather kept Jay Manuel than replace him with this guy, though.

    @Aqua – What do you mean what could Rob bring to the panel? He’s a professional model, as you just said + this is a modeling competition.

  • abc

    Replace Tyra tooooooo!!!! I am fed up with her model-land and the bootie tooch stuff!!!! O, and her bad actings.

  • Res

    I am madly in love with Rob Evans. In fact, I think I dreamt this into existence. OMG. It’s weird seeing him on this show and replacing Nigel but my oh my.

  • Chris Anderson

    Replacing Nigel? OMG.. that’s a mistake. A BIG mistake. If they did replace him, why not with another fashion photographer? And keeping “Kelly Cutthroat”? OMG, all she knows is how to produce a show, she knows ZERO about beauty, fashion sense or class. And in almost every judging, she shows how jealous she is of the girls. I don’t know Johnny Wujek at all. Never heard of him. I have long been a fan of the show, but now will have to wait and see how this works out, but I am starting off with a bitter taste in mouth on this.

  • Cherry Noble

    This Johnny Wujek person doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. How lame… The show is done. They should just exit it gracefully. But clearly Tyrant doesn’t know how to do that. I actually now want it to fail. Enough is enough!

  • Kelly Cut-rone should’ve been cut. She’s the worst judge ever. Just listen to what the Brits said on their individual video blogs on Youtube. She’s very bias. I couldn’t even watch British Invasion in full because of this c*nt. CUT HER OFF TYRANT! I BEG YOU!

  • Bip

    Wujek is a great replacement but Evans… Really?

  • Nathan Lim

    I stopped watch ANTM a long long time ago because now it just gets stupid. they are pushing it. Rob may be a fashion model but he doesn’t have enough credibility to be a judge. He’s not even that great of a model.

  • Crystal

    Well since he’s an extremely successful MODEL, (he walked for givenchy and is on the top male models list) he more than anyone would know what he’s talking about. Besides he’s hot and British. He gets an A+! IDK about this Johnny Wujueck dude, but I like Shakira~ Y’all have jank taste.

  • michael

    Unexctable lol please I rather have antm on a Monday than Friday its not fair for thousands of fans who love the show and have to wait everyfriday please dnt change it to Friday. Intresting changes to the judges I have a question does antm cycle 19 begin sep 2012? Thank u please help change it to mondays better

  • MakeUp

    oh my god people WAKE UP!!!!!! Rob Evans IS a model …he’s already made it in the world he could give these girls everything Nigel shouldve been gone name one big fashion campaign Nigel has been in or shot …. now name the campaign Robs been in ….exactly ….and about this Kelly Cutrone thing i will admit that at first i was like who tf is this but during this cycle she’s made the best points ..she knows what she’s talking about replacing Nigel with Rob is the best move for antm and its LONG overdue only thing i disagree with i firing Jay who the heck i Wujek …. i also don’t like this voting thing id say a large percentage of America knows nothing about fashion or the modeling world ..they are just gonna vote for the prettiest girl they see but well have to see how this cycle goes lol

  • WakeUp

    ^ i meant for my name to be WakeUp by the way lol ^

  • Punkin

    Okay here’s how I see it. Yes I hate the fact that Nigel and Mr.J are leaving however, the show needs a great deal of change. Mr. J as great as he is as a creative director seeing the same stuff it needs someone with a different vision. Bringing Rob in to replace Nigel is brilliant. He’s a top model and he knows things about his industry.

    I dont like the fact that they are going to bring call in voting into the mix because instead of the models being judge by people in their industry people who really know what they are doing they are just going to make it a popularity contest. We as viewers know nothing about modeling we may have learned the terms and such but we don’t know anything about how to make a true top model.

  • jazze1

    I MUCH prefer Nigel & his experience, he knows what he’s talking about. Johnny Wujek has potential, but has a way to go. I just cannot get to Rob’s sooo obvious the show put him in based on his looks & body rather than his capabilities as a judge…(oh yeah, like they did to women for years, but I digress…). He may be a model, but he’s not good at judging models. I agree that viewers know little about how to make a true top model, so I can do without viewer input…but I see that the most current viewers probably don’t know how to watch a TV program unless it is on some type of hand-held device that they can automatically post their opinion, no matter how uneducated they are. Whatever…..