The Cycle 19 premiere of “America’s Next Top Model” is still months away, but thanks to a new rule change, we get an advanced look. Not only do we see the 13 girls vying for the ANTM crown, but we are also treated to an advanced look at their first official photo shoot. After years of wishing for it, viewers finally have a say in who gets eliminated each week. Exactly how much viewer votes weigh in on the final decision remains to be seen. We all know the powers-that-be have final say, but at least we can give our two cents… even if they fall on deaf ears.

For the first photo shoot of the college edition, the girls pose as game trophies. It’s all about smizing and catching the light for this shoot. Broken-down doll poses won’t work here. Typically, I have a sense of what Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel are all looking for. But with Barker and Manuel out, trying to predict what newcomers Rob Evans and Tommy Wujek will say is nearly impossible. That said, I have a pretty good idea of what Kelly Cutrone looks for. I have, after all, watched her on “Kell on Earth“, “The Hills” and “The City“.

It looks as if the producers are releasing the best photos of each girl every week. I’m thinking each girl, whether eliminated or not, will participate at every photo shoot. Otherwise, the results of the college cycle will be spoiled months before the premiere date. How else could they do it? Without further ado, check out the new crop of ladies who will undoubtedly vie for a CoverGirl contract and “career-making” prizes. Be sure to scroll til the end to see which girls I liked the most.


Bio: 20 year old at 5’10” from Florida State University studying Graphic Design and Hospitality. Loves Gossip Girl, Slumdog Millionaire, and mac & cheese.


Bio: 18 year old at 5’10” from Chandler-Gilbert Community College/Disney College Program, major undeclared. Loves ANTM, The Lion King, and cereal.


Bio: 22 year old at 5’9” from Louisiana State University studying Biological Sciences. Loves Boondocks, Avatar, and crawfish stew over fried catfish.


Bio: 18 year old at 5’8” from The Aveda Institute of Columbus studying Cosmetology. Loves That 70’s Show, Gia, and sushi.


Bio: 23 year old at 5’9” from the University of Southern California, Graduate School, studying Architecture. Loves Project Runway, The Labyrinth, and Indian food.


Bio: 22 year old at 5’9” from the University of California, Irvine, studying Sociology in Education. Loves ANTM, Love & Basketball, and salad with fruit.


Bio: 19 year old at 5’7” from Florida State College of Jacksonville, studying Communications. Loves Storage Wars, Grease, and seafood.


Bio: 21 year old at 6’0” from Paul Smith’s College, studying Hotel Resort Tourism Management. Loves Revenge, Groundhog Day, and pasta.


Bio: 20 year old at 5’10” from the University of Rhode Island, studying Textiles Fashion Merchandising & Design. Loves Project Runway, Zoolander, and salmon.


Bio: 22 year old at 5’7” from Harvard Divinity School, studying Archaeology of Religion. Loves Breaking Bad, Zombieland, and doughnuts.


Bio: 19 year old at 5’8” from East Stroudsburg University, studying English in Secondary Education. Loves Unfaithful, The Notebook, and potatoes.


Bio: 18 year old at 5’9” from Liberty University, studying English. Loves Friends, Gone, and Mediterranean food.


Bio: 20 year old at 5’8” from University of Texas at Austin, studying English and French. Loves Gossip Girl, the Harry Potter series, and Nerds.

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Without having seen what Tyra Banks has in store for them with regards to Ty-Overs or Shake-Overs, I’m basing my favorites simply on the above pictures. My early frontrunners are Allyssa, Brittany, Destiny, Jessie, Kristin, Maria and Natasia. My prediction for week one FCO is Kristin or Jessie. How about you? Who are your early favorites? Sound off below.