ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. Finale Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model”

Boy, did I get last week wrong. I thought for sure it was Kiara Belen’s time to go on America’s Next Top Model. Not only did she stay, but she ended up getting first call out (FCO). While I predicted that Nastasia might be in trouble, I didn’t expect Laura to narrowly escape elimination. I thought Laura’s Dreams Come True photo rocked. Apparently, it was too sexy. Whatever!!! Clearly, the judges had a collective brain fart. If you don’t want sexy, don’t have the models posing in skimpy white bikinis. Silly Tyra. Her photo was nowhere near as provocative as some of Calvin Klein’s fragrance ads geared towards the same demo.

Believe it or not, we’re finally at the end of Cycle 19. Typically, this is the time when the girls do their CoverGirl ad and commercials, but not this time. Smashbox Cosmetics has stepped in and so have Nine West. For the final assignment, Kiara, Leila (my favorite) and Laura pose with their pumped up kicks by Nine West. Last week’s photographer Jez Smith is back to snap the shots. This time around he gets into a bit of drama with Kelly Cutrone. I.CAN’T.WAIT. Who will out-bitch who? Check out the Nine West photos plus snaps from the dramatic final runway show below.

Leila hanging around in her Nine West shoes.

Not exactly sure what Kiara is up to here.

I’m not Kiara’s biggest fan, but I can’t deny she looks stunning in this photo.

Clearly Leila is something that’s amusing to both Laura and Kiara. I wonder what that could be.

So many shoes, so little time. What pair will Laura choose?

Donning some Kabuki-style makeup.

What does it say that half of Kiara’s face is covered up?

Hard not to be a no-neck monster in this outfit.

Of course, Laura gets the outfit that looks the lightest and doesn’t obstruct her face or neck. Sabotage to the other ladies?

Legs for days. Phenomenal.

Sadly, the dress doesn’t allow for her to pop from the backdrop.

Definite winning ad, don’t you think? Even I want those shoes after seeing this photo.

Who will be America’s Next Top Model? I’m predicting Kiara in third and Leila as runner-up (Allison Harvard’s perpetual slot), with Laura winning. And you?

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  • m

    i really want leila to win.. but right now i think everyone has a good chance of winning.. i dont think kiara should win, because of her body of work (she’s good in challenges, i love her personality, but she only has like 2 decent photos in her entire portfolio). i think shes gonna win because of her edit.. tyra seems to be trying the angelea-perseverance-kind of branding edit on her… i hope i’m wrong..

    in the beginning i used to like laura.. she’s stunning.. takes amazing shots.. but towards the end,, i started disliking her because of her attitude especially towards leila.. she’s got a great chance of winning because her nine west pic is gorgeous….

    leila is my favorite.. high fashion girl.. but based on the preview, i think she struggled in the runway, even falling down.. i dont think tyra would crown another girl who falls in the runway after brittani kline of cycle 16.. i hope i’m wrong tho…

  • I think Laura probably will be third, Kiara is the runner-up and Leila wins. I hope so,

  • Monique

    Leila better win this. Kiara’s body doesn’t like model-like in this photo which is a shame because she had been doing great these last two weeks. Laura’s tan looks unhealthy and unnatural. They darkened her a lot. I predict Leila wins so Tyra says that our vote did matter, Laura comes in second (all Lauras have so far been in second at one point) and Kiara third.
    I can’t believe that Nastasia, Brittany, and Kristin won’t get judged for this photo shoot. It’s also ironic that their shots were landscape and IMO, they outshine the real final three this time.

  • Sasha

    I love Leila, but I don’t want her to win. She’s the only one who got the best chance of making it to the fashion world and I don’t want Tyra to get any credit from Leila after-show-success.

  • I actually dislike Laura’s photo. The more I look at it, the more things I find that are wrong with it. There is an arm missing, the one showing is stiff while the hand looks claw-like, her neck looks strained, her mouth is too tense, and her eyes lack any sense of something going on inside them whatsoever.
    The styling (minus the over saturation of her skin tone) is good, the set is neat, and the positioning is nice as well- everything is in place of a “winning” photo. But the model has not brought anything ultra special like I see in Kiara and Leila’s pics.

  • Crystal

    I think that Leila has a pretty good chance to win this. Tyra said the fans picked the right girl to come back during that photoshoot she shot. It makes a good story. She would probably be the first and only girl to win after being eliminated from a cycle after being picked as a finalist. If she did win, they could call her Nylon Spread, “The comeback kid” and it would centered around styles that have made a comeback, get it ahahahahah.

    Laura won’t win because her edit isn’t very good. She will be second because they’ve been playing up the rivalry between her and Leila. When Leila was gone, her edit was pretty good and I thought she was the only girl who should win.

    Kiara is the classic third place girl. She does really well in challenges. That’s why she is still here, but her photos aren’t very good. Kiara and Leila are my OTP.

  • I guess I’m one of the few who thought Laura’s shot was the best of the Dream Come True shoot. She is absolutely amazing and of course I think she will get snubbed the title as it most of the time turns out to be when I really like one of the final girls.

  • Tyra will disappoint lot of fans if she let’s Kiara to win this. After Lisa won (Angelea won), ANTM viewers become less and less. Luckily, Tyra chose the right winner for last cycle.

  • toby


  • Ariana

    I hope Leila wins because I can’t stand the other two finalists. Kiara comes off as obnoxious and condescending to me especially with her trying to be “motherly” it also doesn’t help that she constantly mentions how bad her life was. We get it, Kiara, your life was tough but now you are over that and you should move on. Laura is just fake. She whines and cries too much and she has been slipping overseas.
    Nastasia should have been in the top 3 and maybe Brittany as well.
    Laura and Kiara should both get second, I don’t care which one gets third as long as they don’t win. Go Leila!

  • Czarina Geronimo

    yey! Laura won!! If Kiara won, then they should change the name to America’s Model with a very Sad Childhood. :))

  • Christina

    Hey I have a question who was the clothing designer for the final runway show?! the designs are so divine I want to see them! Please if you know share it =)

  • lauren willey

    did u ever find this out?