Boy, did I get last week wrong. I thought for sure it was Kiara Belen’s time to go on America’s Next Top Model. Not only did she stay, but she ended up getting first call out (FCO). While I predicted that Nastasia might be in trouble, I didn’t expect Laura to narrowly escape elimination. I thought Laura’s Dreams Come True photo rocked. Apparently, it was too sexy. Whatever!!! Clearly, the judges had a collective brain fart. If you don’t want sexy, don’t have the models posing in skimpy white bikinis. Silly Tyra. Her photo was nowhere near as provocative as some of Calvin Klein’s fragrance ads geared towards the same demo.

Believe it or not, we’re finally at the end of Cycle 19. Typically, this is the time when the girls do their CoverGirl ad and commercials, but not this time. Smashbox Cosmetics has stepped in and so have Nine West. For the final assignment, Kiara, Leila (my favorite) and Laura pose with their pumped up kicks by Nine West. Last week’s photographer Jez Smith is back to snap the shots. This time around he gets into a bit of drama with Kelly Cutrone. I.CAN’T.WAIT. Who will out-bitch who? Check out the Nine West photos plus snaps from the dramatic final runway show below.

Leila hanging around in her Nine West shoes.

Not exactly sure what Kiara is up to here.

I’m not Kiara’s biggest fan, but I can’t deny she looks stunning in this photo.

Clearly Leila is something that’s amusing to both Laura and Kiara. I wonder what that could be.

So many shoes, so little time. What pair will Laura choose?

Donning some Kabuki-style makeup.

What does it say that half of Kiara’s face is covered up?

Hard not to be a no-neck monster in this outfit.

Of course, Laura gets the outfit that looks the lightest and doesn’t obstruct her face or neck. Sabotage to the other ladies?

Legs for days. Phenomenal.

Sadly, the dress doesn’t allow for her to pop from the backdrop.

Definite winning ad, don’t you think? Even I want those shoes after seeing this photo.

Who will be America’s Next Top Model? I’m predicting Kiara in third and Leila as runner-up (Allison Harvard’s perpetual slot), with Laura winning. And you?

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