ANTM Cycle 19: Week 8 Rafting African Queens

After a couple of less-than-stellar photo shoot concepts, Tyra gives us a solid theme for Episode 8 of “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19“. That said, on paper it sounds great, but only a handful of models actually deliver. Instead of staying afloat, most of the girls are washed up in this water-themed shoot. WAH WAH.

According to ANTM’s Facebook, the shoot is the first one abroad. Have any guesses on Cycle 19’s international destination? I’m thinking somewhere in Africa or South America based on the pics. “The girls use their bodies to tell a story about the upsets and complications of love, not only balancing on the raft but also between two men.” LOL. That’s not my description, but the official one. Who writes this stuff up for the show. I’m sure it’s Banks herself since she is, after all, a published author. Remember the literary masterpiece, “Modelland“. Check out the girls fashionable rafting expedition below and predict who gets sunk like the Titanic in our comments section.

Allyssa Vuelma

Channeling bridal magazine. Not good.

Brittany Brown

Brittany has arrived. Love the arm softly caressing her man.

Darian Ellis

The guy in the white do-rag looks like he’s thinking, “get off my raft, biatch”. LOL.

Destiny Strudwick

Up the creek with one paddle. Nothing about this picture I like.

Jessie Rabideau

By far Jessie’s weakest photo since the first couple of photo shoots. Hopefully, this isn’t the week she’s going home.

Kiara Belen

Is it me or do you hear Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen” playing in your head the second you saw this pic?

Kristin Kagay

Girl!!! He’s hot, but you don’t have to straddle him like a cheap Hustler model. I can hear Tyra saying, “TOO SEXY”.

Laura James

Once again Laura nails it. She owns the picture and all my focus is on this white Nubian princess.

Leila Goldkuhl

Leila delivers as well. Though I wish there was more tension in her hands.

Nastasia Scott

Simple pose, but the face is breathtaking.

Victoria Henley

Victoria is giving major snotty spoiled bitchery. I love it.

Yvonne Powless

Good thing bamboo is strong material 😉 After last week’s disastrous photo, Yvonne is back.

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For me this week, I like Laura, Victoria and Leila’s pictures the most. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • Henry

    I think the international destination this cycle was Jamaica, or the Carribean Islands.

    The photoshoot is not the best, but some girls are really bringing it. I think Nastasia did the best, second call-out Laura.

  • Andy

    I wish Tyra would have opted to not have any male models. I think it takes it from jungle couture to men’s calendar photo.

  • Why can’t they go back to London, or Paris? You know, ACTUAL FASHION CAPITALS OF THE WORLD???

  • Micheal

    The more they use judge/model Rob Evans in the photo shoots the more likely I am to watch the show, so I’m happy with this shoot despite the mediocre to terrible shots.

    @Tyson I’m with you. I wish they could actually visit legitimate fashion capitals again, though I do wish they’d go to Seoul before they start making there way back to Western Europe. Or, if they insist on going to random places I wish they could go to one each week for a shoot or castings, like a real working model, and return to their home base, but the cost is probably prohibitive. Alas…. what this show could’ve been.

  • Res

    Rob looks bored as hell. And the other model is outshining Rob.