ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 7 Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Licks The Floor”

While last week’s elimination wasn’t a shocker, Yvonne’s head-to-head bitch-off with Bryanboy was. I never would’ve expected the fiercely real model would be the one to argue with one of Tyra’s minions. I would’ve bet the farm on either Kristin or Kiara. Regardless, I’m glad Yvonne is outta there.

Last week, the girls posed with a cranky owl for Mike Ruiz. This time around, the remaining wannabes are snapped by an equally studly photographer- Douglas Friedman. This porn’ stached hottie has the final seven channeling their inner party girl after a night of hard boozing. See which girls give a new meaning to wasted chic and who serves as inspiration for this week’s episode title. Believe it or not, a girl actually gets on all fours and licks the floor. EWWWWW. Check out this week’s backstage photos below. If you want to see the eliminated girl’s “comeback” photos, click the link at the of the article.

Bryanboy looks like he’s ready for a vacation on some S&M Folsom-sponsored cruise to the Caribbean with Nylon editor-in-chief Marvin S. Jarrett.

How do you feel about Kiara? There’s just something off-putting about her, IMHO.

Here’s another one I’m not warming up to. Before the show I was rooting for Kristin, but she’s such a stuck-up beyotch, words can’t even describe how much I really want her eliminated.

Panel always gripe about Nastasia looking short. As you can see, she’s practically Johnny Wujek’s height with heels. I think her longer torso is what’s giving the illusion of shortness.

Here’s the inspiration for this week’s episode title. I can’t believe Allyssa licked the floor. So grosssssssss.

Based on early season previews, we know Rob Evans thinks a girl on a toilet is hot, while Cutrone doesn’t. What’s your stance on this very important situation 😉

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  • Peter

    I don’t understand all the Kristen hate. Fierce trick is fierce. She’s certainly not as full of herself as that that filler Kiara, that’s for sure.

  • Rob

    Kristen for me is too average for the attitude she has, I mean seriously and she’s also shorter than an oompa loompa