ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 6 Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Gets Pwn’d”

Is it me, or does America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 seem like it’s flying by? I can’t believe we’re already down to eight girls. The overseas trip to Jamaica is just around the corner. How many of you are still shocked that Leila Goldkuhl was eliminated last episode? I’m literally still trying to pick up my jaw off the ground. I thought she was a shoo-in for the Final 4. With Leila now participating in the “comeback” portion of the show, chances of her returning are pretty good. I thought Jessie had the best chance of re-entering the competition prior to Leila’s elimination. Oh well, at least she’ll always have the distinction of being the first one voted off 😉

If you’ve been underwhelmed by the photo shoots up to this point, don’t fret. Photographer Mike Ruiz is here to save the day. The second I saw the owl steampunking Harry Potter-esque photos, I knew they were snapped by him. You can definitely tell his style. Check out all the backstage candid pics and official photos below. Try to correctly predict this week’s FCO (first call out) and eliminated girl in the comments section. If you want to check out all the photos, including the eliminated girls, be sure to check out my post back in June.

Hallelujah, Mike Ruiz is back. No wonder the photos look fantastic this week.

Victoria sporting some serious old-school majorette curls.

Kiara looking off to the distance. Hopefully she follows. I can’t stand her holier than though attitude. Girl needs to go.

Even though this isn’t the official pic, Yvonne looks fierce. Loving the, I’ll cut a bitch stare.

I’m a sucker for a brokendown doll pose. Laura definitely is on the receiving end of some impeccable styling.

It’s a shame we don’t see more of Victoria’s painted face. Her and Laura are definitely in the running for first call out this week.

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Check out all the other girls in our ANTM Cycle 19 Gallery. Get a look at eliminated girls, Leila, Destiny, Darian and Jessie’s attempts for a comeback in an early preview of mine, written back a few months ago.

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    ughh.. i cant believe they sent leila home…
    i hate kelly so much.. i hated her back then, during the hills and the city days.. i wish louise from cycle 18 british invasion, would come back to the US, and smack Kelly Cutrone in the face….