ANTM Cycle 19: Week 6 Getting Trashed

Keeping in line with the college theme of “America’s Next Top Model“, Tyra Banks has the girls getting TRASHED for Episode 6. After hours of studying, all you want to do is let loose and go on a major bender that evening. More often than not, the results of a hard night of partying aren’t pretty. We’ve all been there during our college years. Who says you can’t be FIERCE with your makeup running, clothes disheveled and passed out? The Cycle 19 girls give a new meaning to wasted chic.

This week, I thought I’d confess a bit of debaucherous college past. For each picture, I’ll confess “guilty” or “not guilty” if I’ve ever been in the model’s situation. From dumpster diving, to showering with clothes on, to hugging toilets, find out what I share in common with this Cycle 19 photo shoot. Be sure to share your thoughts on best and worst pic in the comments section afterward.

Allyssa Vuelma

Not guilty. This picture grosses me out. The idea of licking the floor is just ICK. That said, Allyssa is giving it.

Brittany Brown

Guilty. Holding a half-eaten burger with one shoe off. Sounds like me in my early 20s. Loving Britt’s facial expression and pointed toe. High couture trash.

Darian Ellis

Not guilty, but if I had a bag, I’m sure this would’ve been me at one point. IMHO, I think Darian is eliminated and this picture shows why. Nothing. The fiercest part of the photo are those killer shoes.

Destiny Strudwick

Guilty. I’ve been passed out on the table, under the table, beside the table. LOL. Oh, the college years. Destiny looks more deceased than trashed.

Jessie Rabideau

Not guilty. Surprisingly, I’ve never slept with food in my bed. Jessie is giving all kinds of trashy prostitute sluttiness. In other words, I’m a fan.

Kiara Belen

NOT GUILTY. Can’t say I’ve even dumpster dove in my life. Like Destiny, Kiara looks more like a “Law & Order: SVU” victim than nursing a hangover.

Kristin Kagay

Not guilty. Sober or wasted, I’ve never guzzled from a milk carton. I like Kristin but I’m not feeling anything from this picture.

Laura James

HELL YEAH GUILTY. I’ve made out with a toilet or two in my day. Laura has been one of the more consistent girls, but this one is definitely her weakest to date. Hopefully, it won’t be her undoing.

Leila Goldkuhl

Guilty. Eating pizza post-bar is a definite must. Leila looks more embarrassed to be eating than caught trashed. Not implying anything 😉

Nastasia Scott

Not guilty. I love showering, but can’t say I’ve ever done it with my clothes on. Just like the dress, this picture is a soggy mess to me.

Victoria Henley

Guilty. Alcohol is a diarrhetic and I’ve nursed the toilet many times this way also. LOL. It’s hard to make taking a dump fierce, but Victoria does it well. No. 2 couture.

Yvonne Powless

Guilty. I’m pretty sure I’ve sat on a table once or twice after a bender. Loving the pose and look, but I’m not sure if it achieves the objective of the photo shoot. Can’t wait to hear what Tyra and company say.

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For me this week, I like Allyssa, Brittany, Victoria and Jessie’s pictures the most. Be sure to vote for your favorites every week at

  • zeze

    omg..really a trashed photoshoot??
    i was pleased for last week photoshoot..but this is too gross..
    cycle 8’s crime scene shoot is still much better than this..

  • OpenSwitchOn

    Haute mess!

    Actually, if they were going to go there, they should have gone to the extreme. Vomit, drugs, ****, etc. LOL

  • ANTM has always been a guilty pleasure for me, but this season is an ungodly trashed-out mess in so many ways. Anyway… many mean posts about it on Check them out! 🙂

  • Katie

    Best to worst-
    Kristin looks amazing this is four steps up from last week
    Brittany looks great two weeks in a row
    Victoria stepped up quite a few steps from her last two
    Jessie looks high fashion as usual almost too slutty though
    Nastasia has a great face in this pic but I’m not sold on her body
    Laura stepped way down from last week but it’s still not awful
    Allyssa looks awkward and not high fashion at all but it’s a cool shot still
    Yvonne looks better for her but doesn’t fit the photoshoot
    Leila looks embarrassed and gross in an ugly way nothing high fashion about it
    Kiara isn’t really modeling she looks like a law and order svu victim for sure
    Destiny is not modeling at all
    Darian… This is one of the worst shots of the season if the not the worst. She looks like a drag queen

  • Chloe

    I loved Kristin’s picture…… But I don’t think it’s no. 1 but I mUST SAY,”she can MODEL!’ no question

  • Chloe

    I think Laura should be no 1…… Come on the pose is amazing it does look like she’s into it and i think it has attitude and that’s what a model should have and she has it…… I think she’s America’s NEXT TOP MODEL