Anyone surprised by Destiny Strudwick’s ouster on America’s Next Top Model’s last episode? While she was a gorgeous girl, her looks never really translated to fashion model. Before she left though, I was hoping she’d clock Kristin a couple of times. The blond self-proclaimed recovered ‘mean girl’ definitely isn’t letting her former persona die just yet. She’s definitely still has a chip and bitchy attitude on her shoulders. Hope she gets a Tiffany-type talking to from Tyra real soon. Remember that infamous ANTM moment?

This week, the remaining girls “bring it” to the cheerleader-themed photoshoot. Will any of them channel Kristen Dunst or Gabrielle Union from Bring It On? Possibly, but I’m hoping for a few of them to look like Cheerio rejects from Glee. Photographer Sarah Silver snaps this week’s pics. Designer Mara Hoffman has the models strutting her fashions for the episode’s runway challenge. Check out this week’s backstage photos below, plus check out the NEW Miss J.

The girls model fashions from designer Mara Hoffman, who’s known for her prints.

Natasia looking tribal chic.

Laura reminds me of someone here, but I just can’t place it. Anyone have an idea?

Johnny Wujek with Jonte at this week’s photoshoot. Don’t know who Jonte is, but apparently he’s the NEW Miss J.

I’m really enjoying Allyssa’s confessionals. Anyone else?

Photographer Sarah Silver snaps this week’s cheerleading-themed shoot.

When I first saw the pictures a few months ago, I thought the girls were just photoshopped in the air. Perhaps they were jumping on a trampoline. Who knew they’d actually be vaulted in the air by four hunky men?

As I commented months ago, Leila looks like a high fashion Kristen Dunst circa Bring It On.

Natasia’s was another picture I enjoyed. Definitely one of the Top 3 this week.

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