ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 2 Preview Pics: ‘The Girl Who Cries Home’

America’s Next Top Model debuted its brand new line-up last Friday, or as Tyra calls it, “Fierce Fridays“. There certainly were a lot of changes. Based on first impression, I think Banks took a step in the right direction. I’m really loving model Rob Evans and his adorable accent. Fresh blood was definitely needed on the panel and on set, plus I’m loving the social media addition. Let’s face it, fans’ viewpoints can be way harsher and bitchier than Janice Dickinson on a good day.

While the ratings were down from last Fall’s numbers, as expected with the move to Fridays, the numbers were pretty flat when compared to the Spring ratings. As it stands, the CW’s decision to move the veteran reality competition hasn’t hurt, nor helped, the show. If numbers remain steady, I fully expect a 20th cycle coming our way in the Spring.

Even though we’ve seen each contestant’s best photo from every shoot a few months ago, it’s interesting to see how the producers edit the girls. Kristin, who was an early favorite of mine, came off rather conceited and bitchy on the show. On the flip side, Kiara who I wasn’t feeling, really grew on me during the first episode. Check out the official HD pics and backstage photos from the next episode below. You’ll be surprised to discover who’s snapping the pictures this week? No, it’s not Tyra, but rather, it’s a star from another CW show. Find out who below.

Waiting for their turns to be living trophies.

Johnny cracking a joke with Allyssa.

Shenae Grimes telling a hair-raising story to Jessie.

Who knew the 90210‘er was a budding photographer?

Leila channeling Audrina “ceiling eyes” Patridge.

Kristin claimed her face was to pretty to scratch in the season premiere. Do you agree?

Shenae taking a turn.

Not wanting to feel left out, Johnny joins in on the fun too. Can you imagine Jay Manuel ever doing this?

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    i love leila and laura.. i think both girls will go far in this cycle..