ANTM Cycle 19: Week 2 Photo Shoot & Someone Quits

Cycle 19 of “America’s Next Top Model” is shaping up to be an interesting one. Already in week two, we have a girl withdrawing from the competition. That’s right, someone stomped their way out of Tyra’s clutches. Obviously, we won’t know the real reason why she left until the show airs in the Fall, but I’m guessing it’s either one of two things. Girlfriend didn’t like her makeover à la Cassandra Jean (Cycle 5) (yups it’s shake-overs and ty-overs time) or didn’t want to pose nude. If I had to place a bet, I would double down on the latter. Scroll to the end of this post to find out who quit.

But enough about the quitter, let’s focus on the remaining twelve girls left competing in the show’s first ever college edition. As mentioned earlier, the college coeds are asked to pose topless for this week’s photo shoot. In addition, they’re asked to heat things up with new judge and top male model Rob Evans. Lucky bitches. Some of the girls really nail it. I have to say, it’s one of the better shoots in recent memory. The concept is simple but sometimes less is more. Check out the stunning black and white photos below.


Allyssa’s giving a bit of Megan Fox, don’t you think?


Not a fan of Brittany’s new hair color. She looked way better as a brunette. Check out last week’s photo.


Not feeling this. She looks like the love child of Bianca Golden (All-Stars) and Candace (Cycle 18).


Pose is a little pedestrian, but the face is gorge.


All I see is nostrils. Don’t you agree?


Beautiful composition. Love, love, love the picture. As Andre Leon Talley would say, I’d put this in my salon.


Once again, Kristin kills it. Her whole body and face looks relaxed but with tension.


Wasn’t loving Laura last week, but her new blond makeover really brings out her eyes and features.


Never noticed her gap in her teeth before. It sorta works for her. She’s giving me a Kate Moss-type vibe circa CK One days.


Looking drag-a-licious, but in a good way.


Dang. Victoria is giving aristocratic fierceness.


Someone’s stealing Seymone’s fiercely real back bend pose. That said, I kinda like it.


For all you Maria fans, I’m sorry to report that she’s dunzo. According to the picture above, she withdrew. Any guesses on why she quit? I’m going to stick to my theory that she didn’t want to pose nude. Sound off below.

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  • Marciveric

    Another low budget photoshoot, we have another trainwreck cycle…. wooohooo.

    I would say that Kristin, Leila, Natasia, and Victoria are doing it for me.

    Hopefully the next photoshoot will be better.

  • Owen

    Pretty sure you’re right. After all, she studies Archaeology of Religion in Harvard Divinity School. Maybe her views on posing nude is as archaic as some of the stuff she’s studying. Lol.

  • Homegirl No5

    These girls are fug, broke, and busted. All I could look at was the fine piece of ass that is Rob Evans. Even he seems uninterested in them. Hopefully this means he’s gay. I would take that ish ooo-weee

  • Aqua

    U guys are crazy.. this is a HF photoshoot and all girls rocked… the MOs are great and the Photos are stellar…

  • steven

    i actually like the photos. this time last cycle they were doing weird photo-shoots as babys with Kris Jenner as mom. c’mon, this is a much better improvement.

  • Evan

    For me this is Kristins second time just nailing it! <3

  • Winston

    Shocked to see Laura being such a fan fave, in a good way, wasn’t expecting it. I know somebody who went to school with her, so it’s cool!

  • Rob

    Dont know about the pictures
    cant get over Rob’s crotch on Natasia’s 😀

  • oCTober

    what is the point of watching this cycle if we are going to know with anticipation who is going home each week? seriously! :/

  • Crystal

    No, I think they are actually taking everyone’s photo. Because Maria withdrew, there was no picture to take. I imagine they thought of this ahead of time, but we’ll wait and see for next week. This is sexy and very fashion oriented! WOULD WATCH AGAIN etc Darian, Jessie, and Destiny didn’t really do too good. Destiny’s feet look really big and boney. Darian doesn’t look like a model, and Jessie looks like the light is too bright for her. Can’t wait for next week.

  • Wow! Awesome. I’m watching the episode 2 online right now at Great stuffs.

  • John

    why maria withdrew from the competition shes my favorite and shes my bet..