ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 11 Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Freaks Out On Horseback”

And then there were four. Ding dong, Kristin Kagay the self-proclaimed reformed mean girl finally hit the road. Praise Jesus. If I had to endure another episode of her whining, I might’ve lost it. It’s so unfortunate that such a pretty girl has such an ugly attitude. I wonder if she’s kept her word and not connected with any of her former model roomies. After seeing her confessionals, I’m sure none of them want anything to do with her either.

Only a couple of episodes left til we crown the Cycle 19 winner of America’s Next Top Model. Who’s got what it takes to out smize the competition. Personally, anyone but Kiara winning will be a satisfying conclusion to ANTM’s first College Edition. That said, it looks like Laura has it in the bag. As much as I’m rooting for Leila, I really don’t think they’ll give the title to someone who was previously eliminated. Do you?

Based on the episode title, who do you think is going to freak out on horseback? My money is on Leila, given she was ‘attacked‘ by a dolphin last week. Side note, first dolphins and now horses. What species will Tyrant roll out next week? Check out this week’s pictures below.

It’s a little ironic Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips pops up on this episode, considering Banks isn’t a fan of beauty pageant girls in the competition.

I wonder what Kiara is writing. “Dear Diary, I’m a cow.” 😉

Laura is definitely not the one who’s going to freak out on horseback. Last week, she was almost orgasmic with the dolphin. Girl loves her animals.

Jez Smith snaps this week’s shoot. Why can’t that sexy Douglas Friedman be the photographer every week?

Leila looks thrilled. It must be so boring to sit in the chair for hours getting your face and hair done.

Nastasia giving island swept hair fierceness. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue here she comes.

WOW. Absolutely stunning and this is just a candid snapshot by the show’s house photographer.

Who’s the weakest link?

Look what we have here. Bryanboy has highlights. The late 90s called. They want their streaks back.

After last week’s bottom two-worthy photo, Laura is back. Perhaps, her “dreams will come true” and be the face of ANTM’s fragrance.

Please just go. Enough said.

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  • Steven

    Disagree! I love Kiara! Way more than Laura.

  • Kevin

    Yes! i don’t likes you. Kiara did great. i love her. and Laura should to go home. fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben

    I also feel like Laura has really filled the narrator role that so many ANTM winners usually fulfill during their cycles as well. I think a Laura win is unavoidable.

    Also thanks for all your hard work and posts I really enjoy them! Thank you for what you do.

  • Virgg

    Um you guys know you just spoiled kiara getting eliminated right? It’s in the URL.

  • Jax

    i think jez smith looks pretty hot himself!

  • Monique

    @Virgg, you are right, it does say so in the URL. Even though Kiara has done great these past two weeks, her overall portfolio is weaker than the other three girls.

  • Monique

    Sorry for the double post, but isn’t Kristin really close with Allyssa? She also seems to be friends with Brittany as well.

  • Virgg

    @monique totally agree w/ you. Her pic this week was my 2nd fav behind Leila’s

  • antmfan

    This week’s pictures aren’t up on the gallery yet. 🙁

  • KF

    First of all, good riddance to Kristin! Secondly, I am so over Kiara. I admire her strength in overcoming her difficult childhood, but that does not make her a good model. I think that her body of work is much weaker than Laura and Leila’s (and even Nastasia’s). But Kiara has been a favourite of Tyra’s from the start (IMO Tyra has been inflating her scores throughout the competition), and I think she’s pushing for a Kiara win. And then there was that shot of Kiara falling asleep with the “Dream Come True” fragrance on her bedside table (which looked totally fake) that makes me think she’s getting a winner’s edit. I really hope not though, because I think that Laura and Leila are much stronger models.

  • TeamKiki

    Team Kiara all the way! Laura is a lovely girl but Kiara is a lovely badass top model boss!