ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 10 Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Becomes Art For Tyra”

Typically the CW’s PR team releases the preview pics on Monday, but due to New York being crippled by Hurricane Sandy, the photos haven’t been made available til now. For all you readers who’ve been contacting us for them, here you go. Even Frankstorm couldn’t hold down Tyra Banks forever. Speaking of Miss Smize herself, it’s that time of the cycle where she gets behind the camera and photographs the remaining girls in black and white. Has she ever snapped them in color? And no, sepia doesn’t count. Hardcore ANTM fans help me out.

Given this cycle’s overseas destination, Kiara, Kristin, Nastasia, Laura and Leila find themselves in water yet again, for both the challenge and photo shoot. First, they pose with adorable dolphins and in some cases, very provocatively. Laura is giving major Sports Illustrated heat in her photo. Later in the episode, Tyra has the girls in cascading waterfalls. In the wise words of TLC, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.” Wise words indeed. Check out this week’s preview photos below.

Awwwww, Nastasia looks so cute.

Look at Laura working out that booty tooch. Brava girl, brava. Even the dolphin is giving some back action.

I really hope Leila stays. Minus her little speech impediment, she’s fantastic.

Tyra Banks popping a squat.

Laura giving major neck. When you see her ‘best’ photo, you gotta wonder why Tyra didn’t choose this pose.

I haven’t been Kiara’s biggest fan, but she’s killing it her.

Love Nastasia and she’s gorgeous here, but she looks like she’s playing basketball.

I really hope Kristin goes this week. It’s time the ‘mean girl’ packs her bag.

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  • Monique

    Leila is so getting FCO this week, she nailed this photo! Kiara also did well. I predict a Laura and Kristin bottom two with Kristin leaving.

  • Tyra also shot in color in Cycle 9’s Great Wall, Cycle 13’s Racial Shot in Hawaii, and Cycle 14’s Shadow Shot.

  • @charles Thanks for the info. You’d kill on ANTM Jeopardy.

  • She also did the cycle 11 shot in colour

  • Monique

    Didn’t Tyra also shoot the bird photos in cycle 12?

  • Don

    She also did Cycle 10 in color with final 5. You know…the episode where Katarzyna was eliminated. #stillmad

  • Ferdi

    She usually shoots in sepia or bnw… but she does take good photos… ofcourse with the help of photoshop

  • Rob

    Donovan you kinda wrote the post in like 3 mins this time it seems 😛
    there was so much material, hope the old juicy antm recaps would return.. that’s how I found homorazzi anyway 🙂