ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 9 Preview Pics: “The Girls Go To Jamaica”

Not saying that latest America’s Next Top Model reject Brittany Brown is the best, but she definitely didn’t deserve to go before Kiara. The college hoopster needs to leave my screen immediately. I’m so over her. Like, sooooooo over her.

Who else feels a bit ripped off that Tyra didn’t reveal who was re-entering the competition last episode. The fact it was titled, “The Girl Who Comes Back” should’ve actually featured the girl who comes back. Don’t you think? Ugh, so annoying. Anyhoo, it’s so obvious Leila is coming back, especially when all the eliminated models were standing side by side. She’s clearly head and shoulders above the other girls in terms of potential.

It’s overseas destination time and the girls are heading off to Kingston, Jamaica. Seems like the CW cut Tyra’s travel budget drastically, considering Hong Kong, Morocco, Greece and Italy were the last four previous locations. I can only imagine where Cycle 20, featuring male models for the first time, will take us. Check out the photos from the next episode below.

Hey Laura! Jem & The Holograms are calling. They want their 80s accessories back.

The girls get down and dirty for a dancehall dancing challenge. Can’t wait for Victoria in this one 😉

I’m OBSESSED with Johnny Wujek’s shirt. Daddy want.

Photographer William Richardson snaps the Caribbean Queen-inspired shoot.

White girls in dreads are one of my biggest pet peeves. Braids and cornrows are one thing, but dreads… absolutely not.

Loving Laura with a bit of a tan.

Kiara’s social media scores are consistently one of the lowest, yet she’s still here. The judges need to stop inflating Kiara’s scores at panel.

Rob better have some dolla bills for Kristen’s lap dance. Slutty, slutty, slutty.

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  • Doug

    I agree about kiara. She shouldve gone home weeks ago.

  • Rob

    Tyrant is still manipulating results with Kiara, she always give her a top score
    Can’t believe we’ve had such fresh faces like Leila or Brittany this cycle and they’re out already, and Kiara is still in
    and btw I was kinda rooting for her before the show bc I liked her face at first but her personality is annoying. Major flop next to Kristen

  • Monique

    Kiara’s thighs in that dancing photo look atrocious and her raft picture looks terrible but I have a feeling either Kristin or Victoria will go home, maybe even Nastasia since she is almost nonexistant. Good thing Leila will come back this time.
    I am probably the only one who liked Kristin’s photo this week and Laura also looks good and ethnic.

  • kevin

    i love Kiara. shut fuck up all her haters or i gonna kill you! Laura & Kiara and Nastasia the best!

  • Crystal

    Kiara has won the most challenges or if she doesn’t win she is consistently the one with the higher scores. I don’t really like her that much, the question I need to know is why is Natasia still here? She’s so short and while very pretty not any type of model I would like. I didn’t like Brittany so it was no loss to me. When she cries her face looks like a used up tissue.

    But yay Leila is back and the girls are feeling the pressure. Kristen and Laura were just so obese jealously. I don’t think Laura or Kristen can win because their edits have really just taken a nose dive.