ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 8 Preview Pics: “The Girl Who Comes Back”

On your typical cycle, this stage of America’s Next Top Model is the most crucial. It’s the week before the overseas trip. Who doesn’t want a free trip to some exotic location? For Cycle 19 it’s doubly important. Not only will one girl miss out on the trip, but we find out which of the eliminated girls is coming back based on public votes. I swear, if anyone else but Leila Goldkuhl returns, I’ll be pissed.

On the next episode, the girls partake in a little cell block tango for a prison-themed photo shoot. It’s time for glamorous mugshots. Based on the pictures, I’m predicting a Kristin Kagay boot and a first call out for Laura James. Check out the pictures below and in our gallery, and see if you agree. Plus, post your predictions on who you think is reentering the competition.

Who do you think would be the prison bitch out of this bunch?

No lie. This week’s photographer is Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter. I wonder how he came up with that moniker?

Brace yourself Kristin. I have a feeling your bubble is going to burst this weekend.

What the hell is Tyra wearing? That hemline line is just schizophrenic.

Laura is in the running for FCO this week. She looks right out of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video co-starring Beyonce.

Love the expression in the eyes, but not feeling the open mouth.

Being the shortest left in the competition will definitely do Kristin in this week. Don’t you think?

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Check out all the other girls in our ANTM Cycle 19 Gallery. Get a look at eliminated girls, Allyssa, Yvonne, Leila, Destiny, Darian and Jessie’s attempts for a comeback in an early preview of mine, written back a few months ago.

  • Monique

    I feel that Laura will get FCO and Brittany will go home. If you look at the raft photo background, some of the girls have a darker background than the others. The girls who have the darker background are probably eliminated which means that Brittany goes home this time. Leila will definetly come back and win this!

  • I seriously doubt Brittany or Kristen get eliminated, nothing personal, but I don’t see it happening. Also, I think people buy WAY to much into Leila. Yeah, I get it, she was good. But don’t you people see what’s happening here? Tyra just purposely sent the better girl home so she wouldn’t have to bring anyone else back. And since she was good enough to stay longer than she did, everybody made such a big fuss about that they’d be nothing but happy when the new format pans in their favour. Personally, I think Jesse has some lovely photo’s to speak of, and Yvonne’s later photo’s aren’t have bad either. It just irks me to see people literally insult every other girl who may deserve to come back just as much just because their beloved Leila got the boot in what was (admittedly) a bogus elimination. None, of these girls will ever make it on a linda/coco/Naomi level people! Just a couple months ago, everyone loved Laura so your passion must not be all that heated. And quite frankly, Leila is not the second coming, so calm down.

  • Crystal

    I think Leila will come back because the others aren’t as popular and their pictures haven’t been very good. Kiara might be going home. She tries so hard but people just do not like her at all. Considering we only really got to hear them do some shout outs and not how they interacted in the house, it’s really weird.

  • Charles

    I think Brittany might go home this week, but I hope it will not happen. Please eliminate Kristin or Kiara, Tyra ! It is neck and neck between Jessie and Leila, but Leila gets bigger chance than Jessie though.

  • ravi

    i like meet u

  • ravi

    i like u dear

  • kevin

    i love Kiara. i think Kristin or Victoria or Nastasia goes next.

  • kevin

    or Brittany, my call – out: 1. Kiara 2. Laura 3. Nastasia 4. Leila 5. Victoria 6. Kristin 7. Brittany, i think she will be eliminated

  • lean

    i like leila iwant here come back in competion

  • adam

    I’m 100% sure that LEILA will be the one to come back. Just look at the raft photo. Those who are being held by Rob are still in the competition and girls that are not eliminated have photos that have Rob just standing there are girls are the one touching him, not holding him. Because Rob was obviously in Jamaica and the eliminated girls are in America. The waterfalls photoshoot, girls with just water background are the eliminated girls, but girls who went to Jamaica have photos in the falls as background and that includes Leila. Just take a look. 🙂

  • The French

    I really don’t know about your theory, because in the photoshoot with Rob Evan, Leila is also standing there with barely any contact. Plus in the waterfall shoot, I agree that most of the eliminated girls only have water, but Yvonne also has rocks.
    So …

  • kiara lover

    kiara is the best she is gonna be in the ANTM till the end!!!! go kiara!!!

  • chloe

    I love Kristin’s and Laura”s picture…. They kinda give you that vibe and they know how to model. I want one of them to be Americas Next Top Model…..

  • chloe

    LOVE IT…….. my faves are Kristin and Laura….. They were my faves this week but Britteny’s picture is to much of a goody goody than anything ales really