On your typical cycle, this stage of America’s Next Top Model is the most crucial. It’s the week before the overseas trip. Who doesn’t want a free trip to some exotic location? For Cycle 19 it’s doubly important. Not only will one girl miss out on the trip, but we find out which of the eliminated girls is coming back based on public votes. I swear, if anyone else but Leila Goldkuhl returns, I’ll be pissed.

On the next episode, the girls partake in a little cell block tango for a prison-themed photo shoot. It’s time for glamorous mugshots. Based on the pictures, I’m predicting a Kristin Kagay boot and a first call out for Laura James. Check out the pictures below and in our gallery, and see if you agree. Plus, post your predictions on who you think is reentering the competition.

Who do you think would be the prison bitch out of this bunch?

No lie. This week’s photographer is Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter. I wonder how he came up with that moniker?

Brace yourself Kristin. I have a feeling your bubble is going to burst this weekend.

What the hell is Tyra wearing? That hemline line is just schizophrenic.

Laura is in the running for FCO this week. She looks right out of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” music video co-starring Beyonce.

Love the expression in the eyes, but not feeling the open mouth.

Being the shortest left in the competition will definitely do Kristin in this week. Don’t you think?

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