ANTM Cycle 19 Ep. 3 Preview Pics: ‘The Girl Who Wants Out’

It’s Shake-overs and Ty-overs time on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19. Based on the title, you’d think one of the girls wanted out due to their new look. Nope. Instead it was because they had to put pasties on and pose nude with hunky new judge Rob Evans. Seriously, why any girl would opt of that challenge is beyond me. Back in May, I first shared who quit the competition, along with my comments for this week’s photoshoot, click here to check them out.

Before we get to this week’s photos, I just wanted to quickly comment how much I’m enjoying this season. I love the fact we finally have a numerical value associated with each girls performance during the week. From the challenge, to photoshoot performance, to judges’ comments and to public opinion, I like knowing what mark each girl gets. Plus, I think this cycle’s crop of girls have memorable personalities. Speaking of which, how cray cray is Victoria, the homeschooled mom-loving freak? Check out backstage pictures from this week below.

Viewers have spoken. Darian’s braids are out. Fans really hated her hurrrrrrrrr.

Surprise, surprise, Victoria is crying again.

Meanwhile, Allyssa is laughing it up with Johnny Wujek. Love her.

Natasia giving some serious staredown action at Laura’s new blond ‘do.

Photographer Tony Duran snaps the pictures this week. I’m shocked that the girls don’t get another CW star behind the camera. WTF was up with 90210‘s Shenae Grimes being the photographer last week.

Given how much the girls are actually covered up with panties and pasties, I’m surprised that any girl wouldn’t want to participate in the shoot.

Love her or hate her, Victoria is giving some serious aristocratic fierceness.

Kiara definitely looks way better with her profile than head on.

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Check out all the other girls in our ANTM Cycle 19 Gallery. Get to know all the models in an early preview of mine, written back a few months ago.

  • m

    i love this cycle of top model… but i wish they made this one, a high fashion cycle like c15 and c16.. lot of potential in these girls.. especially laura and leila

  • Steven

    Victoria is like an alien…and I love it!

  • Brendan

    Are there not going to be any recaps from Rich this season? This saddens me!

  • KandyKaren

    I love love love Kiara, and I don’t understand why viewers don’t like her. I think she is a classic model beauty. Not to mention the athleticism – that makes her an all around college girl. Is is because she is so headstrong? Because I find that impressive

  • Slippers

    No recaps from Rich? :sad face(