ANTM 18 Season Finale Preview Pics: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful… CoverGirl

Are we witnessing the final days of “America’s Next Top Model“? It sure feels like the CW has thrown in the towel with the veteran reality show. First there was last week’s announcement that the Tyra Banks show was being banished to Friday nights. Then the network decided to air a recap episode this past week, pushing the Cycle 18 finale past the May sweeps official end date. With the numbers the show is pulling in, I don’t blame them. Even with the new judges and upcoming college edition coming Fall 2012, I think the show will be dunzo come Cycle 20. But enough of the future, let’s tackle the present.

We began Cycle 18 aka the British Invasion Cycle with 14 girls and now we’re down to the final two. Not surprisingly, we have one Brit and one Yank remaining in the competition. While Sophie as the last Brit standing isn’t a shocker, Laura as the lone American is. I firmly believed it would’ve been either Eboni or AzMarie at the beginning of the cycle.

As always, the final two pose for their potential CoverGirl ad and engage in a runway battle for the ANTM crown. For the first time in “Top Model” history, the women will take part in a holographic runway show interacting with lifelike images and also walk in sync with the outline of their own bodies. What will Tyra think of next? LOL. Check out a few runway preview pics along with their CoverGirl ads below. Be sure to post your winner prediction in our comments section after checking out the pics.

Don’t their ribbon hairstyles remind you of early Gaga aka the “Just Dance” years?

Oh GAWD. Tyra now thinks she’s Godzilla. Lord help us all.

Sophie awkwardly holding a sword.

WTF is up with the stuffed lion? I guess for a Forever 21 runway show it’s appropriate.

Loving Laura’s final dress.

Even while waiting for an assistant to fix her train, Sophie is fiercely posing.

Cute ad. Will Sophie take it all?

Laura looks like she’s about to make out with herself. I don’t think it’s a winning ad, but what do I know?

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

To check out all high-res pics of the CoverGirl ads and other pics, head over to our ANTM Cycle 18 gallery.

  • rowell james bautista

    forget this! just make an entry about Allison taking Philippines by storm with Michael Cinco and Bench.

  • rowell james bautista

    oh my god! how true is the rumor that laura and sophie both won the cycle … that tyra decided to give them both the title? hmnnnnn

  • Ewan

    Sophie FTW!!!!

  • michael

    If laura doesn’t win I’m going to be mad because laura had 4 best photos than sophie its not fair so what if laura looks like she going to kiss her self she a very beautiful model that the public and fans should get ready to see sophie is boring she not inspiring she takes swell pics but she doesn’t have that much potental than laura does plz if sophie wins it is a big mistake.

  • jay

    I agree sophie is not inspiring personality does not shine brighter than laura I dont see a winner in her at all shes highly overrated and can u see her with a single I think she did bad in the finale judging her cg pic man I hope they choose laura

  • roehl

    Sophie’s gonna win. Yeah, Laura bagged 4 Best Photos. But, remember that the finale is a back-to-zero competition. I think Sophie’s walk is better, if not the best. Plus, her covergirl photo is commercially fantastic. She’s selling the product, not only herself.

  • Joy

    I want Sophie to win, from the previous ANTM seasons, i remember that what the contest/judges want is to see the improvement the models undergo, so Sophie is the best example for that. Sophie improved a lot from the first episode up to the last.

  • kaye lopez

    i want laura to win because she desere to win !!

  • Tia

    I think the way Laura has been acting on twitter, the people who she has been tweeting (Kelly Catrone about meeting soon) on top of the fact that she is “so excited” makes me think she cannot wait cos she won and she can’t control her showing off!!!

  • finding heaven

    sophie is a winner for me , whatever the decision of the judges..

  • jhon timothy treyes

    it’s quite hard to predict who would be the winner of antm cycle 18 because they’re both gorgeous and so lovely girls however, i want Sophie to be the winner…i really love her. she is simple outside but fierce inside. Am i right? model wannabee.?

  • thea

    Laura SHOULD win, she deserves the title, she has a nice personality and very competitive in a nice way. and she’s stunningly beautiful. and she follows back on twitter! Go Littlefoot! 🙂

  • joycegrace

    They’re both deserving to win the title but for me, Sophie is better than Laura because she has an overwhelming personality and a great charisma. She captivates the heart of the people through her jolliness and at the same time expresses her fierceness on camera (modeling). GO SOPHIE!!! ^_^

  • diana

    It’s America’s Next Top Model people! AMERICA!! Laura ftw!

  • mark

    Well that is why it has a “british invasion” in the title for them to be allowed to win the competition! and it is undeniable that sophie has been very consistent through-out the whole competition! so what if laura improved, sophie remained on top despite the hardships!

  • jem

    i would be very happy if both of them won this cycle. 🙂 i dreamt about it last week.. it was like instead of “INVASION”, there came “ALLIANCE”. hahaha!

  • Megg K

    Laura has won 3 best photos and Sophie has only had 2 but Sophie has been called before Laura 7 times. Sophie’s bubbly personality and stunning photos(don’t forget the pink hair) makes her a real COVERGIRL. I Hope She Wins!!!!!!!

  • Kari

    I think this whole thing was totally unfair to begin with. Sophie has won runner up before. All or most of these brittish girls had a chance to train before on top model. They should have brought back past American almost-winners to compete. (Did anyone see Sophie’s terrible commercial?) She’s a sweet girl but Laura should have won!

  • Kim

    Author, your sarcasm is getting to be too much. Perhaps it’s time to let this job go and find something else, a little more pleasant for you, like pig slaughtering.

    Both girls are lovely. Either could have easily won. I’m a fan of both. Delighted for Sophie’s win last night.