Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant made up for the surprise Alisha/Eboni double boot with a recap episode of never before seen “highlights”. I didn’t watch. Obviously. I was busy. Well… not THAT busy, but I hate reCRAP episodes. Before that however, the final three battled it out in a giant perfume bottle for ANTM scented glory. Annaliese, despite overcoming Kelly Cutrone’s powerful hate-on for her, could not pull off a surprise run to the finale and got the boot. That left us with the two blondes… one Yank and one Brit. There’s a shocker. For the most part, this season has been lackluster and drab with a few stand out episodes… but hardly anything to celebrate. So who will take home the crown? Laura or Sophie? Does my fave Sophie have a shot? Can a British girl really win AMERICA’S Next Top Model? Does Tyrant even give a crap about what any of us think? Only two girls remain. Who will be America’s Next Top Model?

Alright peeps… it’s time to put this Cycle to bed! But first, I gotta tell you about Snow White and the Huntsman. Dan and I just checked out the advanced screening. It should be called Bella Swan and Thor Go on a Psychedelic Acid Trip With Charlize Theron in Fierce Couture. Seriously. It had some pretty amazing moments, but really didn’t know what it was trying to be. That being said, Charlize Theron is effing FIERCE. And better yet… the FASHION. Dan and I were living for her outfits. The bird skull trim! The feathered cowl! The silver dangling chin straps! Epic.

Okay… on with the show! We start off with Sophie and Laura at the MGM celebrating their final two status. What did I miss? Sophie’s hair is all of a sudden BRIGHT ASS PINK. When did that happen? The editors are playing games with the timeline here. Weird. Okay… now she’s in confessional and it’s soft pink again. WTF is going on? Please tell me this is not another reshoot episode because Angelea went and effed it all up! I will die.

Laura and Sophie are really excited… they actually seem to like each other… which is kinda nice. They’re dancing, waving mini flags, screeching, reading Tyra Mail, jumping, and booty popping. The next day they meet Mr. J at a temple for their final photo shoot with CoverGirl. This year it’s for CoverGirl Blast Flipstick…. Because calling it plain old lipstick just isn’t enough. The stunningly short but entirely woofy Jez Smith is back to be the photographer. They also have to do some script work to complete a commercial that will use secret footage from the entire cycle. Sophie seemed to do really well reading her script and J thought she was really cute. Laura meanwhile had some sort of panic attack on set and was taken to hospital! Drama!

Here are the CoverGirl photos.


She definitely seemed to have a lot of fun on the shoot and Jez really responded well to her energy. She looked fierce with the matching hair and lips too! Sophie’s final picture is interesting. It’s a whole lot of purple, pink and upside down. She is rocking with her eyes and her lips are fierce. Nigel loves that she is staring through the camera… not just at it. And, Kelly Cutrone said it was a superstar shot.


J was really concerned for Laura during this shoot. He thought she would rock the beauty shot, but she was nervous and self-conscious. He wasn’t very impressed. She also got faint and freaked out, but Jez thought she probably delivered a good shot. Her lips looked stunning too. The final shot is pretty good. Her lips are totally popping and she is definitely giving good face. Kelly Cutrone didn’t really like it, but Tyrant defended it because of the sass and twinkle in the eye.

Eventually, Laura made it back from the hotel and it was indeed a panic attack. She’s determined to bounce back and kick some ass… and just in time for more Tyra Mail! They meet Jez Smith again (yum) with Valentina Serra, Stylist for Vogue Italia for another photoshoot. It was a very sensual shoot in some old school looking lingerie. Jez and Valentina definitely thought Laura out performed Sophie.

After all that, it’s finally time for the final runway show for Forever 21. Sophie thinks she has an edge because Laura struggles with her walk and she has been in a final two runway show before. But, she’s nervous about losing again and how crushing that will be. Oh hey… Tyrant just showed up for some one-on-one time. She’s playing psychiatrist again to the girls. Ugh. Fast forward to the runway show. It’s gonna feature some sort of holographic trick which J didn’t explain very well. But, to join in on the fun are Catherine, Eboni, Alisha, and Annaliese!

Laura was first and did okay, but her walk was more mall than fashion. Sophie definitely took round one… and WTF was with the stuffed lion Laura was carrying? They didn’t show much of Laura’s second or third pass. Weird. Sophie seemed to better again. Then there was some weird sword fighting, water dancing, and dandelion blowing nonsense that I didn’t really get. Sophie definitely looked more like a model… but is it enough to overcome Laura’s arguably better portfolio?

At the final panel, J is there to help round out the judging panel. And, Sophie’s hair is soft pink again! How did that happen? I’m so confused. When the judges assessed the fashion show walks Kelly thought she was trying too hard to look “fun” and that it was forced. On the other hand Nigel thought Sophie was really elegant and J really liked her confidence. As for the final commercials, they were both pretty good. I liked the way they spliced in the candid moments. Definitely one of the best concepts they’ve used for CoverGirl ads. Laura looked amazing in the candid shots but did look nervous and unsure in her script read. J asked her to explain what happened with the panic attack. Hilariously, Kelly Cutrone just said “welcome to the fashion world”. Hahaha. That bitch is COLD! Sophie’s commercial was fun and definitely more confident… but what the hell was going on with the brownish eyebrows and that pink hair! Nigel said it was believable, but Tyrant didn’t like that her “Illuminata” persona didn’t fully come through. Barf Tyrant. Barf.

During the panel’s deliberation, they all seemed pretty flattering to both of the girls. Kelly seems to be leaning towards Sophie while J is pulling for Laura. They recalled how Sophie got a lot more attention from designers in Toronto and Hong Kong… but that Laura was more consistent in the photoshoots. Kelly also wants Sophie to win because it would be a great PR story. Tyrant for the most part is staying out of it. But after a lot of back and forth… we finally have a winner. America’s Next Top Model is… SOPHIE!!! Holy Crap. A Brit won! That is crazy. Nice work Sophie! Congrats to you and Laura on a good finale.

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