ANTM Cycle 18 Episode 10 Recap: “You Walk Down The Street and You Wanna Hump A Pole”

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the wannabes landed in Macau for this year’s international trip. They’re staying in a pretty swank place but had to endure one the Cycle’s lamest challenges… astrology reading… before throwing on some silk worms for a photo shoot. Tyrant managed to pick a terrible shot of Catherine to justify sending her home over darling Eboni who took one of the worst photos of the entire season. That girl’s neck was nowhere to be seen… one of Top Model’s most deadly sins. Oh Tyrant. You’re so special. And by special I mean transparent and hypocritical. Will Eboni’s pigtails keep her in the game? Can the Brits stay in the lead? Who will get manipulated off the show? Only five girls are left. Who will be eliminated tonight?

So here we are. Down to five. When you look at the girls left… does anyone other than Sophie or Laura even have a shot? Granted, it should’ve been AzMarie, but she got kicked off because she pissed off Tyrant and didn’t booty tooch. The thing is, AzMarie’s “brand” was androgynous and probably shouldn’t have been booty tooching according to Tyrant’s book of nonsense. If one of the blondes goes home tonight, I’ll lose it. You have been warned.

We start off this week back at the MGM and Laura is in love with her performance from last week. She won the challenge at got her second best photo call out. She’s on a roll. Sophie’s happy for her, but the other girls are hoping she takes a fall. Alisha is worried that things are getting catty with so few of them left. Ummm. Catty? Halllurrr. It’s Top Model. It’s been catty the whole time. We then spend a lot of time recapping why Laura and Eboni hate each other. Blah blah blah.

We then spent about five minutes listening to Alisha pour out her thoughts about the other girls in confessional. Laura should be a sex phone operator. Annaliese isn’t a model, she’s a presenters. Sophie should’ve been in the bottom two because she looked sad. Eboni is young and Naïve. Alisha has however been in the bottom two three times and can’t figure out why her supes totes long legs aren’t vaulting her to the top. Meanwhile, Laura keeps making bizarre sexual references.

The next day the girls all head off to Hong Kong for a screen test challenge. On the way, Laura talks more about sex… something about how all the buildings are made to look like the male “body part”. Alisha quips in confessional that Laura is obsessed with sex… “you walk down the street and you wanna hump a pole”. Hahaha. Loved it. She does talk about sex a lot… although we haven’t seen a ton of it since the beginning. For this screen test challenge, the girls meet Miss J and Nicholas Tse, an actor and pop star, to check out some Hong Kong film fighting. Laura is in love with him. She’s lusting. The wannabes will be filmed doing a choreographed fight scene and the winner gets to be in Nicholas’ next music video.

In a twist I DID NOT expect… the wannabes actually pick up the simple fight choreo pretty well. Everyone except for Sophie. Eboni took Tae Kwon Do as a kid. She’s looking sharp. Annaliese was a gymnast. She’s got moves. Laura is wet for Nickolas. She’s motivated and thinks she’s Angelina Jolie. Alisha watches Kung Fu. She’s picking it up. Sophie is just a hot mess. Seriously. At the end, Nickolas named Laura the winner… which is interesting because she wasn’t the best fighter and she wasn’t the best with her lines. But, she did FLIRT with Nicholas and she did take her pony tail out and flip her hair. Alisha is PISSED. Hell no she says. Laura should not have won that. Drama!

Oh… and the drama gets going back at the apartment. Alisha and Eboni pretty much accuse him of seducing the pop star. The best part of the scene is that Alisha is tapping her weave the whole time. Tap tap tap… you totally seduced him… tap tap tap… you didn’t deserve to win… tap tap tap. Girl needs a new weave! The Eboni blurts out that Laura is sleeping her way to the top. The Sophie tells Laura. Then Laura calls Eboni a bitch. Then the dramatic cello music comes in. Then Laura bursts into the room and swears a bunch. Then Alisha taps her head some more and calls her a slut. Then Alisha taps her head some more. Then Annaliese says something about Laura and how she orgasms on shoots and how it smells a bit FISHY. Oh. Wow. This is the best. Did Annaliese really just say Laura has a stinky vajayjay?

Early the next morning, after all the drama, the girls are woken up for their photo shoot. They meet Mr. J on the top of the Macau Tower. Alisha and Sophie are already freaking out. Nigel Barker is the photographer, it’s raining, girls are crying. This is going to be interesting. The look is sleek and quirky, but dark and they will be outside on the edge with harnesses. It really is a miserable day for a shoot. The wind is blowing and the rain is pouring. I would be scared.


She was crying before it even started. Mr. J wanted her to pose without holding on to the harness lines, but she just couldn’t. She was too scared. Nevertheless, the boys think they got a couple good shots. Despite all the drama, her photo is great. The close-up on her face is outstanding. Wow. She’s connecting with the camera and her look rocks! Nigel said she nailed the moments in between her freakouts. Nickolas and Kelly were both impressed that she overcame her fear, but Kelly is not loving the pose.


She wasn’t too scared and actually managed to impress Mr. J. She didn’t fight the harness and actually had some fun with it. Her final picture is pretty intense. It’s very athletic. I like the shape she’s making but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the shoot or its styling. Kelly Cutrone held her tongue, Nicholas liked it, and Tyrant criticized her nostrils.


Fearless as ever, Laura was jumping to get out there. She went right up to the edge and really had fun with the shoot. Her final photo is totally different from the other ones. I like it. It’s soft and pretty. Kelly is in love with it. Nickolas loves the angle of her face… and I do too. The close up is stunning.


She seemed pretty focused and determined to show Nigel, a judge, a good performance. He seemed to respond well to her. Her final photo is once again less than good. Her pose is interesting, but her face is blank and empty. Nigel agrees with me. Kelly is not a fan. At all. Tyrant defends her pose, but says Eboni doesn’t know how to work her angles.


Like Sophie, she was terrified. There were tears pouring down her face. Her hair looked cool though. And when she finally started modelling, Nigel was responding really well. Her final photo is interesting. Faint praise. I know. I like the pose, but you can’t really see the face. Nigel said they picked it because it was the more editorial. Tyrant says she looks like a lady heading to church in a wind storm 50 years ago.

At panel, Nickolas Tse was back as guest judge. There was some heat between Nigel and Kelly this week on panel as they argued over the photos. Should be interesting. Laura was deservedly called first. She was followed by Sophie and Annaliese. That left Alisha and Eboni in the bottom two with Eboni GOING HOME! Wow. Tyrant! I didn’t think you had it in you… cutting your 30-Never girl. Now Eboni needs to go home, cut those pigtails out, get a real haircut and forget everything Tyrant taught her. Ok. WHAT. Hold up. I pressed pause too soon. Alisha is QUITTING! She doesn’t want to “take it away” from the other girls. She doesn’t want to be selfish. What the hell is going on? She wants to get her spirit back and start being Alisha again. I’m soooo confused. Where did this come from? Oh wow. Tyrant says, she can leave… it’s ok… but Eboni is leaving with her! This is mayhem. They’re both gone.

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  • Castiel

    I think either Sophie or Annaliese will win. I really don’t see Laura winning at all. Forgive me Laura’s fans 😛

  • Steph

    Rich, you are the highlight of my Thursday mornings! 🙂

    I love how the girls accused Laura of “sleeping her way to the top” when she, you know, didn’t actually sleep with anyone. Saying you would sleep with someone famous and GORGEOUS is not the same as trying to seduce them. I’d totally sleep with Edward Norton. Everyone accuse me of sleeping my way to fame!

    I have a feeling that Nicolas already had a look in mind when it came to the girl in his music video – even before the challenge. In Asia, aren’t women with blond hair are considered exotic? Maybe that’s what he wanted all along.

  • the D.I.B.

    OMG Rich… even though this season has struggled and the final 5 were laughable, this episode was off the hinges!!! From Alisha’s full episode meltdown (she was losing her shit all night, “i can understand if i didnt have the best photo, i know when i dont, i’m like ‘yeah, f*ckk that photo’, but Laura winning this challenge is sh!t”) to Eboni evovling from dumb non-model faced, on the verge of sobbing voiced girl, to having some good moments last night (in almost an early era ‘friends’ pheobe buffay way), to Sophie giving the funniest interp of a challenge with her playful fight scene since melrose “boxed happily”, to Laura being creepy weird toward the Chinese Nick Lachey!!!! Best episode in ages!!!!
    ALSO, love Kelly going against Nigel (always felt Nigel bullies for his favs at judging) AND, how about Sophie, as scared as she was, pulling her shit together once she realized Laura was going to go on the ledge first…bravo Soph 😉

  • Nigel v. Kelly was AMAZING this week. I loved that he stood up for himself but hot damn that woman is a cold bitch. Why does she even want to be on this show it seems like she has ZERO faith in any of these girls and hates them all. I worry that’s how I come across when all I do it bitch as it seems nothing is redeemable to her tonight. Alisha is straight up insane in this episode and while it was a total shock she removes herself, I think it was time. She was just so god damn angry with everyone! I’m sad to say I’m seeing that Analise won’t win this but I’m confident it will be Sophie because though Laura is killing it these days, she’s not the ultimate beauty and killer shot taker that Sophie is.

    Every time Sophie has a “bad shoot” her photos nonetheless end up being phenomenal no matter what and personally that’s the rest test for me. Also Laura is just too damned angry all the time. Go Sophes.

  • Mike

    Even though nicholas tse is super hot. He is also a married man with a wife and kid at home. So Laura shouldn’t try to ” seduce ” him. If Nicholas was going for a blond I would of chosen Sophie over Laura

  • October

    Its obvious Annaliese is NOT going to be in the FINAL 2! Final 2 are Sophie and Laura 😉

  • Thanks Steph! <3 So sweet.

    And <3 to all the Sophie love going on in the comments! Sophie FTW!

  • Annaleise for the win!

  • Jake

    I find it kinda hilarious that they criticised Eboni for ruining the proportions of the outfit this week and last week for forgetting to sell the dress…. but this week Laura is praised for a pose that fails to sell the dress.

    I don’t really get the love for Laura. I lost any love for her when she went all psycho and threatened to kill Kyle. It’s a shame that bit got edited out. Besides the whole talk about Laura being too sexual is kinda her own fault, what does she expect a group of girls to gossip about when you tell them that you masturbate with your teddy bear and when you make emulate sex at every photoshoot lol

    Anyways, I was surprised Alisha landed herself in the bottom two this week. I would have placed Sophie there purely because you can tell that she was frightened. But it’s like what Catherine said, Kelly has been protecting her favourites (Laura and Sophie) since day one.