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Recently The CW announced the seventeenth cycle of “America’s Next Top Model” would be an All-Stars edition. The minute that news hit the web, hardcore ANTM fans immediately started speculating who’d be returning. Would models all the way back from Cycle 1 be competing? Aren’t they like 100 years old in model years now? Even though, ANTM Cycle 17 doesn’t premiere til this fall, we uncovered the returning models going for their second attempt to be on top.

So how reliable is our intel? I would say pretty reliable, unless Tyra Banks is shrewd enough to organize a dummy fashion show. We had someone attend an event featuring Nicki Minaj in Los Angeles last night. It was a fashion show featuring the Cycle 17 All-Stars walking the catwalk. I had no idea they’d be filming this early? Who did Tyra deem worthy enough to come back?

I’m glad to say, there are no previous winners returning. That said, the lot is packed with lots of personality SLASH bitchiness. There are definitely a couple of fan favorites, but I have a feeling most of the models were brought back for drama. Seriously, there are a lot of bitches coming back. It’s like one big modeling Redemption Island. I was hoping All-Stars meant they were bringing back girls who were robbed and had real model potential, like Lauren Brie. Sadly, there’s only two girls who are returning that would’ve actually made it to the past two high-fashion cycles. Hell, there’s even one from the mini-cycle on deck. BOO. The cast is so not FETCH, I’m going to write up a post with my dream All-Star cast coming soon to

Another thing I wished Tyra would’ve done for Cycle 17 was bring back all the previous judges. How insane would’ve it been for Janice Dickinson and Paulina Porizkova to come back judging with Andre Leon Talley and Tyra Banks. I’d pay money to see the four of them bicker for an hour about the models. Now that is must-see television. So without further ado… drumroll please. Meet the cast of ANTM Cycle 17, the All-Star Edition.

Shannon Stewart

Cycle: 1
Placing: Runner-Up

I’m glad Tyra went old school and brought someone from the first season back. Not a surprise that it’s Shannon considering she’s the only who doesn’t have a beef with Tyra. She’s 26-years-old now, so she’s not super over-the-hill. Too bad Elyse didn’t come back.

Camille McDonald

Cycle: 2
Placing: 5th Place

Remember her infamous line. “It’s the walk that’s going to make me famous.” Man, she was such a cow. She’ll make for great television, but I wish Shandi or April made it back from this cycle. Hell, I’d take Shandi’s ex-boyfriend or that Italian dude she cheated with. LOL.

Brittany Brower

Cycle: 4
Placing: 4th Place

This one is a pleasant surprise. Definitely one of the most memorable girls from the early days. I never thought she’d be back, but glad she agreed to do it. That mud picture on the right is still one of my all-time favorites.

Lisa D’Amato

Cycle: 5
Placing: 6th Place

Color me SURPRISED. I never thought in a million years Lisa would be back. For that matter, be asked back. I thought Tyra and her hated each other. Maybe that’s why she was cast. That or Tyra is going to boot her first as payback for all the crap Lisa spilled to the press. She was already looking old back then, I can’t imagine how fresh she looks now.

Bre Scullark

Cycle: 5
Placing: 3rd Place

Ugh. Here’s my first WTF of the bunch? Never liked her and never will. Remember “granola gate”. So ridiculous. Why couldn’t they have brought back Nik? Better yet, Cassandra and then chop off all her again and see if she walks out a second time. LOL.

Bianca Golden

Cycle: 9
Placing: 4th Place

Here’s my second WTF of the bunch? That said, I’m glad it’s her and not Miss bi-racial butterfly herself, Jade. I don’t think I could’ve handled Jade interacting with most of this cast. I literally would’ve boycotted this cycle if she was a part of it. Hopefully, they don’t make Bianca bald again. I’ve seen her with extensions and she’s kinda sorta fierce.

Dominique Reighard

Cycle: 10
Placing: 4th

Just when I thought I was safe with Jade not coming back, they bring back Miss Dominique instead. Remember her God-awful Italian Cover Girl commercial. I still laugh thinking about it. This beyotch must be pushing 40 by now or at least looking like it.

Isis King

Cycle: 11
Placing: 10th

Out of all the girls, she’s the lowest placing one. I guess, now that she’s post-op, Tyra wanted to give her another shot. Personally, I don’t think she deserves to be back. Especially considering Lauren Brie was in this season. Heck, I’d take Analeigh or Samantha over her.

Sheena Sakai

Cycle: 11
Placing: 6th

Oh my Asian ghetto princess. Hopefully her one-liners have only gotten better with age. I’m curious to see if she’s toned down the hoochieness, she was often criticized for. Not supermodel potential, but definitely good TV. I can see her scrapping it out with a few of the other ladies. I can’t wait to see what happens Beyond The Thunderdome.

Allison Harvard

Cycle: 12
Placing: Runner-Up

Hallelujah. Finally, a girl who has some real model potential and young enough to make it. One of the most robbed girls in ANTM history. Hopefully, she’ll walk away with it this time. When you look at her competition, she has it hands down. But this is Tyra judging, so you never know. Allison might actually be first out.

Laura Kirkpatrick

Cycle: 13
Placing: Runner-Up

Really, Tyra? Really? Remember Wanda Sue and all her hickness. I’m surprised anyone from the short cycle made it. I guess at 5’7″ she’s the best thing. If Laura makes it as far as she did last time, I’ll shoot myself Tyra.

Angelea Preston

Cycle: 14
Placing: 4th

What is this? Like her umpteenth time on this show? Did we really need another catty bitch? I’m so speechless and angry, I’m not going to say any more.

Kayla Ferrel

Cycle: 15
Placing: 4th

YAY, the lesbian made it. In a season where Ann was the overwhelming favorite, I’m glad Kayla has a second chance. That being said, Jane and Kendal should’ve also been afforded the same courtesy. Those girls have real potential. Let’s hope Tyra doesn’t give her the same fire engine red again for her makeover. Total sabotage last time.

Alexandria Everett

Cycle: 16
Placing: 4th

Rich isn’t going to be happy about this one. Neither am I. The one thing I’m glad for is she won’t be able to walk all over these girls like she did on her cycle. Good luck trying to out-bitch Dominique, Bianca, Lisa, Camille or Angelea. God, my ears just hurt thinking about all of them yelling at each other.

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What did you think of the cast? A little underwhelming isn’t it? I guess anyone who’s remotely working in the industry, probably didn’t want to come back. I’m curious to know what the prizes will be for this cycle? Perhaps a cover on Good Housekeeping or National Geographic? Thought, I’d include the invitation from last night’s event.

  • andres

    the best ALLISON!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Oh YAY! I can’t wait to see this. I have several favourites here.
    1. Allison (I LOVE her, I always love the awkward girls)
    2. Laura (she’s just so adorable, how could you NOT like her?)
    3. Kayla (I wanted her to be runner-up after Ann.)
    4. Lisa (I remember liking her, I think it’s because of her smile)
    5. Shannon (Oh, how fun that one of the cycle 1 girls is competing. And she was kinda fun, although annoying as well)

    I really hope Angelea and Alexandria get eliminated asap, though. Ugh.

    Don’t have much to say about the others, I barely even remember them.

    Would’ve liked to have Fo back (can’t remember which cycle she was in), and Elise (cycle 1), and maybe Jennifer (cycle 13?) and maybe someone who got eliminated first. Would’ve been fun. 🙂

  • I am so excited for this cycle! I think we will see some great modeling, and also have some fun entertainment.

    My rundown of the first two girls with more to come!

  • Polly

    In my opinion, Bre is the best of them. She is a beautiful model without the things which help women to become beautiful. Other girls are ordinary. After watching this TV show I am sure that it is impossible to make a good photo without a beautiful classical face.

  • Shawn

    Where is my fav Heather Kumich?!? What the hell is going on?

  • Lee

    My dream is ANTM with ALL winners. Thad could be great show – after c20, for example, with casting-weak and challenges which can make them go insane. So when will they come to Moscow?
    And – rape me – I definitely glad (!) to see Lisa. She is amazing. Lisa and Brittany, two crazy women, WTF will going on there? ^___^
    But I confused. Why there’re no Babin twins, no Natasha or Anya (give another chanse to one of Russian runner-up!), Yaya, Mersedes, Kim, Toccara?
    Good luck all girls. I hope, D’Amato, Sakai, Brower or Harvard will use their second chanse.

  • Ethan

    Angelea <3 Bre <3 Brittany <3 Allison <3 ALEXANDRIA <33333

    This is one of the best reality tv all-stars cast in EXISTENCE. Alexandria is gonna fiercely dominate all these bitches. What an alpha lioness <3

  • john

    Allison is the Best!!!

  • jim

    i thought isis was the sexiest and prettiest contestant ever.
    good to have her back

  • Hey

    I knew Isis would get cut early, she just don’t look like a model. She is not a pretty woman Just can’t see her hosting any show or being a covergirl. Goodbye Isis and goodriddings


    I hoped ELYSE SEWELL, cycle1’s 3rd, was in this cast!

  • james

    This are the girls they should have brought back:
    cycle1. Elyse
    cycle3. Amanda
    Cycle4. Kahleen
    Cycle7. Eugena, Anchal
    cycle9. Heather
    cycle10. Anya, Katarzyna
    cycle11. Analeigh
    cycle12. Allison
    cycle14. Raina
    cycle15. Rhianna, Kendell
    cycle16. Alexandra

  • Alisson

    I tho ught,that they must call Amanda (cycle3)
    I hope,that Allison will have won!
    and they must to travel for Moscow.

  • Bren

    Ok, James, sounds like you’re the one who sees in color! Maybe they’re at the top ‘cuz they’re the most beautiful, AND nice ppl. Quite a combination!

  • ian

    too bad, Raina has already a great modelling career internationally and also jane who has now a contract on IMG models both in new york and london

  • sophie

    my choice:
    9-13(that’s all i watched)
    9) jenah,heather or victoria
    10) anya,katazynya
    11) analiegh, claire maybe clark
    12)celia, londen and alison
    13) erin,maybe brittany

  • Victoria

    Here’s who i think should have come back:
    Cycle 1- Shannon
    Cycle 2- Shandi
    Cycle 3- Amanda
    Cycle 4- Christina
    Cycle 5- Nik
    Cycle 6- Mollie sue and Joanie
    Cycle 7- Brooke
    Cycle 8- Jael
    Cycle 9- HEATHER!!!
    Cycle 10-Katarzyna and Anya
    Cycle 11- Marjoire, Annaleigh and Lauren brie
    Cycle 12- Allison, London and Fo
    Cycle 13- Laura and Erin
    Cycle 14- Raina and Jessica
    Cycle 15- Chelsey and Kayla
    Cycle 16- Jaclyn

  • Victoria

    Oh, and maybe Jenah as well as Heather. ‘Cause she was pretty high fashion.

  • Natasha

    Judges and Tyra are not interested in high-moral show…That’s not profitable… Most of people like “meat” and “blood”…Like fashion industry like show: hypocrisy encouragement and “bloody meat” for viewers… That’s why we’ll never see April, Mercedes, Yaya ets again. Instead of this, we’ll have to watch such bitches like Alexandria, Jade, bold cats and so on…:(

  • Natasha

    I’ll never forget the season 16, when Britt tried to catch Alexandria in a hypocrisy before judges. And OMG! Judges took a side of Alexandria! In other words, judges officially propaganded hypocrisy encouragement, egocentrism, disrespect and very very bad behavour… Good job, f&*$ judges!

  • Ms. C

    Good Lord Donovan!!! You sound so full of hatred! You only like Allison, the transgender and the lesbian. Let me guess… You’re GAY! WE GET IT!!! An interesting/edgy article doesn’t have to be a negative one. Lighten up man!

  • @Ms. C. If you’re a regular reader of the site, you know only about 10% of the posts I write are negative. I mostly write about things I like.

    And in my defense… no one was happy with the ANTM All-Stars Cycle before and after 😉

  • Julia

    Are you all to America?