ANTM Cycle 17 “All Stars” Episode 10: “Kiss My Ass”

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the nevergonnabes packed up their bags and flew to Greece for some final six action in a bowl of Greek Salad. Seriously. Tyrant had the girls being all sexy in a giant bowl of tomatoes, cucumbers, massive blocks of feta, and gallons of olive oil. If that doesn’t scream “Top Model”, I don’t know what does. The best part was the continuation of the “underwear versus bathing suit” saga. Oh Shannon. She has no problems wearing slutty bathing suits, but ask her to put on a sporty bra and full-on boy-type underwear and she gets all high and mighty. Gurl. You are messed up. Anyways, she finally got her covered-up ass booted from the competition… but not before Tyrant STRESSED that it wasn’t just about her refusing to pose in underwear. Gurl had never won a challenge or been called for first photo. What a disappointment she turned out to be! Only five girls remain. Who will falter right before the final four? Will it be Allison, our wide-eyed weird goddess? Or Lisa, the loud-mouthed manic attention seeker? Better yet, could this be the end of Angelea and her gut… I mean… “soft core”? Did you see that thing in the bowl of salad! Two words… sit ups. Can Laura ride her country bumpkin charm to the end or is this the end of Granny’s fashion show? Can Dominique continue to shed her dragalicious reputation and win it all? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Hey peeps. First up… sorry I wasn’t around to recap last week’s episode. It was a doozy, but I was off gallivanting around Toronto. It was amazing. Thanks for asking. In this week’s famous second paragraph, which normally features my random ramblings and rants, I would like to applaud all the boys out there participating in Movember. They’re ugly, they’re dirty, they’re covered in last night’s bed time snack, but damn… putting yourself out there for a worthy cause is awesome. I am NOT participating this year (had a couple weddings to look cute for), but I WILL be donating cold hard cash to make up for it. You should too. Check out the story Homorazzi did about some hot Vancouver boys growing MOs here and then donate here.

We start off this week with Dominique feeling pretty proud of her first callout at the last panel. She’s stoked because she knows she’s the dark horse to win. Riiiight. Then Angelea complains about Dominique never being put in the bottom two. Angelea says Dominique is NOT an All Star. Lisa then says Allison is her toughest competition. Ummm. Sweety… you two are not even in the same league. Lisa whines that “Allison blinks and they freak out they love it so much”. Hahaha. Love it. What I don’t love is what came out of Lisa’s mouth next… that Allison looks like she’s dead! Oh. No. You. Did. Not! You heinous Urban Planet shopping gargoyle! Someone please get Lisa off my TV.

The next day, the nevergonnabes meet Miss J who informs them that they are going to do a mock casting… but they have to judge each other. Oh shit. More needless drama. Thanks Tyrant. Let’s see if they all rip each other’s hair out or class it up. Dominique said Laura was a “little country” but liked that she was a “white girls with sass” and she liked it. Angelea said Lisa’s walk was sloppy. Lisa said Allison didn’t have any confidence in her walk and then said Angelea looked crabby and then said Dominique was sexy and confident but then Angela said Dominique was giving too much attitude. Then the girls go at Angelea for a while. Girls yell… even Laura, Angelea gets ghetto, a whole bunch of “fuck ya’lls” and even a kiss my ass follows before Angelea storms out. And there we have Tyrant forcing some more bullshit rags to riches storyline down our throats. Ugh. End this nonsense already. I am over it.

After all that nonsense, the girls get to let loose with “Crete Socialite” and former model Twylem Piper for some party time on an yacht. They head out for a cruise and do some swimming. Then they head out clubbing! Yes! Drunk models! Hilariously, Allison keeps throwing shots over her shoulder so she doesn’t get drunk. Disappointingly, none of them got hammered and screwed a male model and then confessed their sins to their boyfriend at home. Oh Shandi. How I miss you.

The next day, the girls meet up with Mr. J for the photoshoot. This week’s theme is the ancient Olympics. Discus and Javelin and Hurdles oh my! Oh… and Nigel is the photographer!


She really struggled with how she was supposed to handle the javelin at first, but eventually got the handle of it. Nigel liked her performance in the shoot, but confessed he doesn’t feel she has much presence in person. Huh? I’m confused. The photo is… umm… interesting. It looks more Afro Jazz than ancient Olympian. Hahaha. ALT just totally backed me up on that. He said he looked more Masai warrior princess! Nigel defended the photo, but the other judges were not impressed.


She struggled with the discus motion at first. J and Nigel were both concerned with her movement, but eventually she let it go and just did “HER” thing and started to nail it. And, she did nail it. I love the intensity in her face. It’s totally different than what we usually see from her. It’s something new for Allison and the judges love it. Tyrant liked that she merged athletic with fashion. Miss J loved the silhouette.


She got the hurdles and she’s concerned because the panel has given her feedback that they don’t want to see any more jump poses and now she’s being cornered into jumping poses. Actually Lisa, I believe the panel said they don’t want to see any more weird split leaps from you! So… she didn’t jump. But then Nigel said she should jump. So she jumped. And then Nigel liked it. I’m confused too. As for the photo… I hate it. Seriously. The movement is cool, but her face is all kinds of wrong. The judges all thought it was gorgeous though.


She was a little concerned about “all she had goin’ on in the shoot”, but was determined to power through the net over her face and the huge archery set. J said she was actually pulling off a great “Athena”. Nigel LOVED the final photo. He called it stunning and praised her ideas throughout the shoot. I’m not sure it’s stunning, but it is one her better photos.


She had no idea what a shot put was. Seriously. She was totally clueless. Nigel REALLY had to direct all of her movements. He said it was awkward. He actually had to physically place her into poses. All the coaching paid off because she actually delivered an interesting photo. ALT thinks its high fashion. But up close, her face is not rocking it. Tyrant said her whole film was “dead”. There was no smizing. Tyrant she lucked into this shot.

At panel, Miss J was there as special guest judge. With only five left, there is little room for error. So who’s it gonna be? Laura was called first. Really? Huh. Not my fave. Allison was runner up. Third went to Lisa. That left Dominique and Angelea in the bottom two. Good lord. If Angelea survives again, I will die. She gives good confessional for television, but she is NOT a model! Get rid of her. Nope. TRANgelea takes out DRAGinique. Really? How many chances is Angelea gonna get!

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  • if Angelea and Liza is the final two i wont forgive Tyrant, there i thought Dominique might win this

  • Martin

    if Allison or Laura gets eliminated, i’m going to kill somebody!!!

  • Dom

    BOW DOWN TO KWEEN GUDDESK ANGELEA, THE UNDERRATED SUPERMODEL IN THE MAKING THAT GETS BS PHOTOS JUST B/C OF EDITING. shes going to redeem herself, cuz the spoiler about the eliminations proves to be rightt, which means, she gon be at least top 2 if not winn. 716 is in tha motherf****** houuse

  • sondra

    why tyra?? you just eliminated “The bitch before and now humble” model..and now i’m thinking angelea winning is 50% (when the first time, i though alex will win) because maybe tyra totally want her to win..but i think angelea will make it to top 4/3..

  • zeze

    this elimination is remind me of katarzyna elimination..
    so sad of dominique elimination, she was probally the strongest model in this cycle same like allison and laura..

  • shin

    tyra soo wants angelea to win.. totally undeserving.. dominique wasnt supposed to go.. angelea’s like a cat with nine lives and all… she should go home next and take lisa with her!!

  • Kevin

    How could this be? Dominique was far the most improved out of all the girls from their past cycles. Tyra did not even consider that?

    I have not watched the episode yet but as of the pictures, I did not think Laura’s was the best nor Dominique’s was the worst.

    Dominique should have been spared from elimination, Angelia should have been eliminated for her portfolio and be spared from not producing yet another picture worthy of the boot.

    Bottom line, she could not win with her portfolio this cycle so why spare her another one and eliminate a girl who has been doing A LOT better and has a higher chance of winning.

    Seriously, I could cry. 🙁

  • Kenn

    OK IM FUCKIN PISSED! i really don’t know what tyra has to say just make the audience believe that ANGELEA is a “BETTER MODEL” than Dominique? well EARTH TO TYRANT! look at their portfolios and compare who has that “EDGE” that you want models to have. did Dominique didn’t prove her self to you that she was in fact a better model and is better than ANGELEA? THIS SUCKS I THOUGHT DOMINIQUE WOULD NAIL THIS. BUT TYRA DIDN’T GAVE HER ANOTHER “CHANCE” WHICH SHE CONTINUALLY GIVES ANGELEA.

  • fiers

    gosh. Someone take lisa off my screen. This is America’s next top model. Not extreme makeover.

  • Aqua

    The elimination was F.ucked . Dominique and Angelea didnt deserve to be in bottom 2. The Weakest of them all was Lisa and she had a horrible photo too. I dont understand why judges keeping her crack whore ass in this competition. She shouldve stayed in c5 but in this cycle shes the Weakest. She is not a model , can someone honestly see Lisa in VI or as a Covergirl at this age .. ew .. puke puke puke

  • Keith

    Geez, Louis.. Really?? Get rid of Lisa and Angelea already. No wonder ALT is leaving the show, I hope Franca and IMG pulls out of the show as well.

  • sarah

    angelea and lisa need to go. I don’t care how bad angelea wants it and what her backstory is. You DON’T get stuff in life because you have a sob story you get stuff that you deserve and are worthy of. Lisa is plain annoying, can’t model much, and lacks any class or sophistication

  • Honestly, this is the first time I have ever disagreed with keeping Angelea. Seriously, Dominique was turning it around this season and totally didn’t deserve to go. I love how Tyra pulled all that crap last year with the “I am not the be all end all of the decisions”, yet anything Andrè said that was a negative for Laura, Allison, or Lisa was completely ignored. Laura totally should have gone home over Kayla. Bring the red-head back and give Blondie the boot.

  • Steve-0

    I am afraid that we are being totally set up for an Angelea win, here. It seems as thought Tyrant wants the underdog arc to shine this time around….”you CAN be in the bottom two four times and still win.” Allison, the most robbed girl in the history of ANTM is looking likely to be robbed again!

  • rowell james

    notice angelea and allison wore a head cover in confessionals…. they are the final two!

  • rowell james

    and Please, someone has to make a wikipedia article for Angelea Preston. she’s the only one in the top 4 without a wikipedia entry!

  • SLH

    Great recap as always, Rich.

    Every time I look at Angelea’s photo, I think, “Wow. What idiot did they let Photoshop her arm?”

    Thoughout this entire season, I keep wondering, “If this is really about the fan favorites, why don’t they let the fans have some kind of say?” I guess that would just make an Allison win too obvious.

  • Thanks SLH!

    I totally agree with Steve-o too… it totally feels like the editors are SHOVING an Angelea win down our throats. They know they need to artificially justify it, so they are giving everything they have. FOUR TIMES she’s been in the bottom two. I don’t understand how you can win with that record.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Angelea pimping is to make it seem like a close race if she is up against Allison in the final 2… but Allison actually wins.

  • Sandy

    ANGELEA should be gone…Tyra is fixing it so she wins. It’s sad that in this poll all of the black participants are at the bottom. Are people only liking the models who are their same race?

  • maria89

    So this is really old, but if they ever have another All-Stars… By all the Gods I think Allison should be in it. I know I know, it’ll be 3 times but you know what they say.. Plus with the new format where they actually let the fans vote… Uggghhhhh this has to happen!!!!