Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant took a step towards my good books by eliminating Alexandria. You heard that right. No longer is being the villain enough to get you into the final two. Alexandria annoyed the judges, she annoyed photographers, she annoyed contestants, and she annoyed me. So glad she’s gone. That leaves us with Hannah, Molly, and Brittani. Hannah, the girl who we always forget because she’s forgettable. Brittani, the young wannabe with a fierce temper on the road to redemption. Molly, the beautiful but sometimes dour and acid tongued attitude. Who will make the final two? How many times will Tyrant talk about herself? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Tonight’s customary second paragraph off-topic rant is about umbrellas. Ugh. It’s been raining for a few days here in Vancouver and you’d think people who live on the edge of a rainforest would know how to use their umbrellas. No. They don’t. Especially short little women. Hello! There are tall people above you dodging your shrapnel laced brolly batch! Pay attention. I bet Tyrant never has to worry about umbrellas. She probably gets Miss J to run people over. I need a Miss J. Donovan? Will you be my Miss J?

Shit. An old friend popped by and interrupted the recap. I’m tipsy. Hold on to your hats and down that Pinot Gris. I sure did. Don’t give me no shit about spelling or punctuation.

We start off this week in the bus. Only three wannabes left! And, they’re all stoked that Alexandria is gone. Brittani called her something like “drama bitch gone crazy”. Just to be clear Brittani… I like you and all… but you are the girl that had an anxiety attack when Tyrant called you out on being a cow at a photo shoot. Just sayin’. You’re still my boo though. Well… if Molly wasn’t actually my boo.

Hannah is a little stressed that her past two shoots haven’t been her best work. She’s never been in the bottom two, but she knows she needs to show progression. Brittani on the other hand is worried about Molly since she has gotten best photo the last two times. As for Molly, she says she deserves to be where she’s at and the other girls know it. Then she talks about abandonment issues and I go blah blah blah.

The next day, the girls meet up with Mr. Jay at the house. He delivers a video message from Lara Spencer of The Insider. She presents the next challenge. The girls have to go out and put a video story together on a fashion trend in Morocco for The Insider. It has to be a 90 second spot. The winner gets to have their spot posted on The Insider’s website. The biggest problem the girls had was finding somebody to interview for their spots who could speak English. Hannah was hoping for a win. She studied Journalism in College!

Brittani was pretty much a disaster. Molly really surprised me. She comes across pretty grumpy sometimes, but she was engaging and professional. Well done. Hannah was cute, but it felt kinda rushed. Molly won! Yay. Hannah cried. Boo. She said she felt like she won… in her heart. Whatever. You lost. Your heart knows shit.

Later that day, Tyrant surprised the girls at the house. Shockingly there was no screaming. This is not the ANTM Tyrant entrance we are used to. The people in Morocco must frown on excessive shrieking. They chat, they cry, they bond… blah blah blah again. Tyrant then does a super quick and dirty photo shoot with them. Gotta give her credit… she is getting good at photography. Then they dance on the roof. Awkward.

For the real photo shoot, the wannabes meet up with Mr. Jay and Nigel seaside on a beach. Mr. Jay is wearing a turban. He looks like awful. The better news is it’s male model time! Yay. Bring me some hotties. Well… let’s make that hotty. Just one male model. His name is Younes Tazi. Not my type, but he’ll do. It’s all about romance today.

She looked beautiful during the shoot, but Jay wasn’t that impressed with her on the shoot. He didn’t fell the chemistry, but Nigel did seem encouraged. I LOVE her first photo. Her body language is great. The clothes look great. Nigel thinks he got it all right with this one. Tyrant thought it was stunning. The second photo isn’t as dramatic, but she still looks beautiful. ALT said the close up on her face was extraordinary.


She also looked great in the styling. Nigel even said “gorge” on the shoot. Love it. Her first photo is great. ALT said it was one of her best from the entire season. She’s rocking a very couture pose and showing off the clothes very well. Her second photo is definitely more sexual. She liked being trapped. Gurl! Tyrant liked the story Hannah was telling, but Nigel thought it was “gauche”.


J liked the confidence she brought to the set, but was worried she didn’t actually deliver. When J called her on it, she cried. Again. Nigel loved the beauty of the tears, but grew weary of Brittani’s emotional tendencies. Her first photo is pretty, but it feels a little too staged. ALT loved the delicacy, but Tyrant didn’t love how literal she was. The second shot was much netter. She doesn’t look like she’s trying as hard. ALT loved the belt, but didn’t have much else to say.

At panel, IMG Models VP Ivan Bart was on hand as guest judge. That’s big. He really liked Molly’s photos and said she had a real talent. I’d be surprised if she didn’t get called first. She was! Yay. Three in a row. Congrats Molly… you’re in the finale! Love it. She’s been one of my faves since day 1. So who is going to the final two with her? It’s Brittani! That’s it. It’s down to Molly and Brittani. I’m good with this final two. They’re both very different models. I’m rooting for Molly, but I won’t be crushed with a Brittani win either. They’ll be stomping it out in a Vivienne Westwood runway show next week. Can’t wait!

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