Did catch the season premiere of ANTM Cycle 15 this week? It’s still early on, but I think this cycle has a lot of potential. Tyrant and company did a decent job weeding out their usual suspects of commercial girls and so-so pretty girls with interesting back stories.

In my opinion, there are a handful of girls that could legitimately make it as working high fashion models. Hopefully this year the eliminations are based on working viability instead of lame shizz like lack of personality or some other phony reason. My early favorites are Chelsey, AnaMaria, Kendal, Kayla and Rhianna.

Jane and AnaMaria applying their own make-up. Do I smell a challenge?

Hopefully like last year, one of the models fall off the first runway challenge of the season. Too bad they’re all harnessed up though. 😉 I kid.

I really like Chelsey so far. She could win this whole thing.

A little downtime for the models. Hopefully some juicy gossip and trash talking is going on.

What the eff is Demi Lovato doing there? Obviously to promote “Camp Rock 2”. I much prefer Selena Gomez than this little tart.

Uh oh. Looks like Tyra is giving one-on-one advice to the girls. I guess Tyra still thinks she has a daytime talk show. Sorry honey… you don’t.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jane, but she looks breathtaking here. I can’t wait to see the final photo.

YAY. Trya ditched those ill-fitting heinous catsuits from last cycle. She almost looks classy here. Almost being the operative word.