ANTM Cycle 15: Meet The High Fashion Models

As previously speculated, “America’s Next Top Model” is trying to go all legit for Cycle 15. Tyra Banks is attempting to make ANTM go high fashion this go around. Sure, she’s made that claim before, but this time she has Andre Leon Talley in her corner. Sources say, he was instrumental in getting Italian Vogue and a group of well-respected fashion designers on board.

Instead of randoms on the judging panel, they’ve bagged some fashion heavyweights to take turns dwindling down the 14 model wannabes. Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, I love you both, but you have no business on that panel. Signing on to judge and critique the ladies are Roberto Cavalli, Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg, Margherita Missoni and Italian Vogue editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani. Ann Shoket, you and your nose will be missed.. NOT.

I’m pleasantly surprised the CW released video interviews of the models instead of their heinous cast shots first. I think you’re able to better grasp their personalities and model potential this way. Remember last cycle, that awful 80s aerobic styling. Great for a theme party but not flattering at all.



Height: 6’2″
Age: 19
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
She may look like Gollum’s long-lost sister, but that’s actually a good thing for this cycle. Ann’s tried to book an agency numerous times, but has been turned down for being too tall. Standing at a behemoth 6’2″, Ann also has the smallest waist in the world, according to the ANTM promos. Someone give this Gothic Lolita an In-N-Out burger immediately.


Height: 5’10”
Age: 18
Hometown: Astoria, Queens, New York
I like Miss Anamaria. She’s cute but a little edgy and unlike a lot of aspiring ANTM models, she has industry knowledge. Anamaria is one of two blondes (pre-makeover) with a sizable gap in her front teeth. The thing, she’s looking most forward to, is posing in real-life situations and locations, instead of a white backdrop in a studio.


Height: 5’10”
Age: 22
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
This self-proclaimed ditzy blonde is the second contestant with a gap in her teeth. Coming from non-fashion Mecca like Boise, she’s looking forward to the exposure ANTM can give her. Chelsey is looking forward to doing beauty shots and just giving face. She thinks she doesn’t look like the other girls (umm wrong). Girl, your look is a dime a dozen. Having said that, I’ve probably jinxed myself and she ends up winning the whole thing. Even though she’s wanted to be on the show for a longtime, this is her first time auditioning.


Height: 5’10.5″
Age: 20
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
Chris also has her older sister in the competition. Out of the two, I like Chris more. She’s funny and has some sass in her. My kind of girl. Her favorite ANTM photo shoot was the light-shining-through-tablecloth one from Cycle 14. She claims she’s taken numerous self-portraits doing the same thing but using blinds. You go gurl. Says her mom is proud of them and that as long as her mom gets money, she doesn’t care which of her daughters win. Can someone say “Mother of the Year” award.


Height: 5’9″
Age: 18
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
If you’ve watched the promos, I believe Esther is the one with the size 30G bust. With boobs like that, I’m hard-pressed to believe she has a shot of winning this cycle. Her family moved around a lot as a child and speaks mostly French at home. The minute she was of legal age, she applied to be on the show. My favorite quote from her interview is “It’s always kind of hard to be the gangly one when everyone else is normal height. When I play sports I’m like flopping everywhere.”


Height: 5’9″
Age: 19
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Oh, Plain Jane. Seriously, I was bored out of my mind listening to her speak. Unless she gets a fierce makeover, I expect this hooker to leave early. She thinks she has a high-fashion look and that her look is perfect for this cycle. Jane confessed she YouTube’d how to model. LMFAO. Her favorite ANTM shoot was from Cycle 13 when they recreated their own baby picture. Ummm, wasn’t that the shorty cycle??? Good one 😉


Height: 5’9″
Age: 20
Hometown: Palmdale, California
Kacey looks like a prettier version of last cycle’s winner, Krista. It’s too bad, because I really like Kacey and doubt they’ll crown a look-a-like. She’s tried out a lot and got really close for Cycle 11. Had no plans to try out this season, but changed her mind last minute to accompany a friend. She cites Jaslene, Danielle, and Yaya as some of her favorite contestants. Kacey is worried her strong jawline will inspire Tyra and co. to chop off all her hair for the makeovers. Even though she’s a chill and personable (which I agree) person, she often comes off cocky during her first impression.


Height: 5’9″
Age: 19
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
Here’s another girl I like. She’s pretty, but more importantly she’s as funny as shit. I nearly peed my pants, when she talked about walking a runway for a nightclub fashion show. She said, and I quote, “if I can handle nightclub energy, I can handle this energy.” LOL. Since she plays soccer, she often gets injured quite a bit. Her current neck injury, prohibits motion from side to side. I guess she’ll have a hard time for those edgier broken-down doll poses.


Height: 5’11”
Age: 23
Hometown: Northport, Alabama
In model terms, Kendal is ancient. With such an esteemed group of guest judges this season, she doesn’t stand a chance. She’s looking forward to high fashion shoots and runway, because apparently, they’re her THANG. Even though she has a lot of self-doubt, she tried out anyway. Hope she has a strong skin, because I see the judges tearing her apart. I’m not feeling Kendal at all and wouldn’t miss her if she got cut early.


Height: 6’0″
Age: 18
Hometown: Geneva, Illinois
Even though she talks like a ditzy high school girl, she proclaims she has a high IQ and qualifies for Mensa. I have to admit, there is something endearing about her. She watches ANTM religiously and tried out for a previous cycle but got into a car accident en route to the auditions. Oh, girl. Lexie is looking forward to the makeovers and the overseas trip. I couldn’t agree more. They need to fix that long scraggly blond hair STAT.


Height: 5’10”
Age: 21
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
The self-proclaimed comedienne of the bunch, Liz entered the competition to resolve her financial situation (college debt). She believes this is a faster and funner route to success, than going to school. Being the only mixed girl, she feels, sets her apart from the competition. Not necessarily honey, last year’s bi-racial butterfly, Gabrielle, was cut first. Liz is looking forward to the fast-paced challenges in the competition where they have to apply makeup or create an outfit in 30 seconds. She’s pretty, but I get that Dominique (Cycle 10) vibe from her. I don’t think she’ll able to soften her look, when push comes to shove.


Height: 6’1.5″
Age: 20
Hometown: San Diego, California
Rihanna has the looks to go far in this competition, but I fear her height might hurt her. It shocks me that there are so many girls taller than 6’0″ in the competition. I like Rhianna, but I hate typing her name out. I want to spell it like the other Rihanna. She loves to wear vintage clothes, and would never drop major cash on designer clothes. Rhianna feels the shelf life of trends is so small that it doesn’t make sense, and she hates wearing the same outfit as some other hooch.


Height: 5’10”
Age: 21
Hometown: Menifee, California
Pretty, but I think too pretty for this cycle. Unless they edge her out with her makeover.. BUH-BYE. To boot, she’s kinda boring, though she doesn’t seem to think so. Sara wrote a rap for Tyra for her audition tape and is convinced that’s why she made the show this year. Surprise, surprise, she’s tried out for numerous cycles. This leggy blond is also the mother of a baby boy.


Height: 5’8.5″
Age: 24
Hometown: Arlington, Texas
Here’s the sister of Chris. This is the fourth time she’s tried out. Personally, I think she only made it because of her sister. Tyra wants a Venus/Serena Williams storyline this season. Being the shortest girl in the competition, Terra will face an uphill battle, trying to stay in the running. She considers herself as the “truth” girl. Hopefully she’ll create drama with her candor and uncensored comments.

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There you have this season’s group of fuglies. I joke. There are actually a couple of girls here that I can see being legitimate fashion models. Let’s hope Tyra and company don’t eff it up. Hopefully with the big names involved this year, they’ll reign in some of Tyrant’s craziness and out-of-nowhere eliminations.

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