Previously on America’s Next Top Midget, the girls continued their budget whirlwind through the not-so-fashionista Hawaiian countryside. Tyrant made the girls jump off some cliffs and dive for their photo shoot. Sundai finally got the boot about 9 episodes too late while Jennifer, Nicole and Laura continued to impress. Can Erin and her heinous eyebrows hold on? What’s in store for our final four? Who will be eliminated tonight?

Please note… I had a little too much wine and gin with dinner. Great combo. I hope this makes cents. I mean sense. The credits just started… here’s what my boyfriend had to say about the gloriousness of Top Model… “I hate Tyra. She’s so ridiculous. She’s so… she’s just beyond herself. A caricature. She’s a dumb cunt.” Wow.

We start off this week with Erin discussing how she’s been in the bottom two three weeks in a row. Usually that’s enough to get you sent home, but some how someone else has always sucked harder.



Back at the house the girls give Jennifer some love for her hot photo from last week and her hot legs. I totally agree. Laura then tells us about how far she’s come. She’s come a long way from castrating bulls. OMG. Did she just say that? Love her.

Tyra Mail arrives and the girls are off to learn some hula dancing. Oh dear. This could be Nicole’s undoing. Remember the Benny Ninja/Lil Kim challenge?! Ok. Pause. WTF. This is NOT hula dancing. It’s hula HIP HOP. Are you kidding me? This is mad fusion. The girls have to hula and hip hop in a solo.

Miss J shows up to witness the train wreck and announce the challenge winner gets to come back to Hawaii for an all expense paid holiday. Once the performance begins, it’s clear that this is the most ridiculous challenge EVER. It was hula meets drop it like its hot skank hip hop. Jennifer and Laura were ok. Crazy. But ok. Erin was meh. Nicole was painfully awkward and dreadfully uncoordinated. Obviously. Laura won! The country girl knows how to hula crunk! She picked Jennifer to come on her trip.


The next day, the girls meet Jay for the photo shoot and some big drama and couture. Holy twist alert! This week, the judges are going to eliminate two girls! Harsh.

Thankfully we actually get some editorial modeling with photographer Steve Shaw! They may never ever ever BE editorial models, but it’s nice to have a hot shoot like this one. Crashing waves, lava rocks, and fierce styling! Love it. The goal was to channel Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. So who’s hot and who fizzled? Which two are in trouble?

Laura has never come off as sexy to me, and she didn’t really get there with this shot either. I’m not sure if it is the way her leg is perched, but she looks oddly disproportionate. Her upper half and head look huge. Plus, she looks a little short. I like the intensity in her eyes, but I’m not sure about the lips. She looks a bit like Rachel Hunter in this photo… and that SHOULD be a good thing, but I’m just not feeling it. I’m worried. Click here for Laura’s ANTM portfolio.


I’m not sure it’s “Pele” but it certainly is goddess-like. She looks gorgeous! This girl just knows how to rock her angles and her look. I’d be shocked if she gets cut this round. She was rocking the whole shoot. Click here for Nicole’s ANTM portfolio.


While she has been given the “bitchy outcast” edit lately, she managed to turn that energy into a beautiful photo. Her body looks amazing, except for the too skinny leg, and I love the pouty face. Click here for Erin’s ANTM portfolio.


I love the dress and I love her fierce face. I’m just not sure about the pose. She’s TRYING to give broken down doll, which I adore, but it looks a little too forced. She should have gone for a bit more. Her legs just look kinda blah. Click here for Jennifer’s ANTM portfolio.


At panel, the judges were joined by Seventeen Magazine’s Ann Shoket. She’s the editor-in-chief and has a lot of pull with ANTM. After all, the winner gets a spread in her magazine. The judges were hard on Jennifer and surprisingly easy on Laura. I really didn’t like her photo. Ultimately, Nicole was called first. No surprise there. She deserves to be in the finals. I have no idea about the other three. I’m hoping for Jennifer… but no! It’s Laura! I’m alright with that. She’s a sweetie, but I think she’ll be in way over her head against Nicole. Jennifer and Erin are out of here.

One more episode to go! Who do you think is going to win? Nicole or Laura?