ANTM 18 Episode 9 Preview Pics: My Little China Doll

Based on the picture above, you’d think the Final 6 girls are off to Brazil or some other South American destination, but you’d be wrong The overseas location for ANTM Cycle 18 is Macau. Last week, Tyra had the girls posing in Hello Kitty couture, and now she has them styled as China Dolls sporting exquisite silk gowns while accessorized with crawling silkworms. Someone’s got a hard-on for all things Asian it would seem.

For Cycle 17, Tyra picked Greece as the foreign locale and now for Cycle 18, she’s chosen the former Portuguese territory, Macau. I swear Banks is stalking me, as I’ve been to both locations. The now Chinese city (handed back in 1999) is a beautiful place. I love the fusion of old Portuguese architecture mixed in with Chinese culture. Other than a really bad bout of travelers diarrhea experience by both Brian and myself, I had a great time in Macau, but enough about me.

The girls head off to Macau as their first contact into China. From there they’ll head off to the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. Joining the judging panel this week is Asian actor Barney Cheng. Check out what Tyra has the girls doing for their challenge and photo shoot this week. I’ve also included pictures from the photo shoot and given my prediction for FCO (first call out) and the girl eliminated. See if you agree with my choices.

I wish I could tell you what this week’s challenge was all about, but I can’t figure it out based on this picture. Obviously something that involves them being barefoot while being watched by a crew of crouching Chinese people.

Barney Cheng gets his flirt on with Alisha. On a side note, what in the world is Miss Jay looking at?

I can’t believe Mr. Jay is leaving next cycle. He’s the only one who seems to care about nurturing the girls.

I haven’t been a fan of Laura and her signature bent over pose, but I’m loving her here. Black hair definitely suits her. I’m predicting FCO.

Oh Catherine, this is all kinds of wrong. I highly doubt this was your “best” picture. Can someone say sabotage? It was nice knowing you Miss Thomas.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

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  • annaleise finally has a nice picture and the curve just conveniently heightens that week. Typical. Eboni has been given such a winner’s edit, I can’t even take it.

  • Henry

    The picture with barefoot, I think they were getting their aura read. Cuz I read the episode info, it say that the get their aura read have to recreate their aura

  • I think that might be Barney Cheng the Hong Kong fashion designer, not Barney Cheng the Taiwanese-American actor. It would make more sense since the HK Barney Cheng designs silk gowns.