ANTM 18 Episode 8 Preview Pics: Wassup, Kitty

First and foremost, welcome back Rich. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I missed your Intoxibella powers of ANTM recapping. Now that Debbie downer girl-next-door Kyle is gone, we’re left with seven girls competing for the “career-making” ANTM prize. As a side note, in a post-elimination interview, Kyle revealed she’s pregnant and expecting her first child in November. Congrats to her fiance and her.

For the first time the Brits have a one woman advantage and based on next week’s pictures they stand a good chance of keeping the upper hand. Episode 8, titled “Georgina Chapman“, has the girls heading to a casting call for a fashion show. Marchesa founder Chapman is on hand along with a few designers to judge the remaining girls on their catwalk fierceness. I have to say, minus Seymone, they all look like legit working models on the runway.

At next week’s photo shoot, the girls live out every Japanese girl’s teenage dream. They pose for a Hello Kitty-inspired photo shoot complete with couture gowns using the cartoon pussy. Given that it’s not conventional attire, as expected a few of the girls have problems working the heavy and awkward clothing. Check out a few pics from next week’s episode below. If you want an early peek at all the pictures, be sure to head to our ANTM Cycle 18 Gallery.

Doesn’t the briefcase look like a couture chicken coup. All that’s missing is a few high-fashion chicks.

Gotta say, Laura is killing it here.

Ditto for Sophie. Is she the one to beat?

Ummmm. Who’s the WOOF DADDY makeup artist? He can powder me anytime.

All those lunchboxes have to weigh like a bitch.

Georgina… oh so pretty.

If there was a Brit I’d be worried about next week, it’s gotta be Catherine. I like the photo, but can see the panel hating it.

Seymone hasn’t been my favorite, but I have to admit girlfriend is working out the Hello Kitty.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

To check out all high-res pics from this episode, head over to our ANTM Cycle 18 gallery.

  • I’d be worried about Alisha (even though she is spoiled to move on in the previews of the first episode), her photo is all kinds of hooch and she looks even shorter than Annaleise.

  • T

    Words cannot express how glad I am that whiny Seymone is gone. She was so fucking annoying.