ANTM 18 Episode 8 Recap: “It’s Not The End Of The World, It’s Only Fashion”

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the Brits continued on a comeback role as another American got the boot. This time it was the ever-boring and bug-eyed Kyle that failed to impress. The best part of the whole episode had to be listening to Tyrant pile compliments onto Seymone, because we all know how much Tyrant loves to pimp her pet projects, only to see that the fiercely real wannabe was a total disaster in every single background shot she was in. Amazing. Tyrant is clueless. Speaking of clueless… do you think Nigel, Mr. and Miss J saw the epic firing coming? More on that later. How will Tyrant manipulate the results this week? What annoyingly self-serving nonsense will Madame Ego bless us with? How many Cycles must we wait until Tyrant fires herself? Only 7 or something like that remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

First off… supes totes sorry for being so late with this recap. Last week was crazy for me in the real world with work and stuff. You guys are all so awesome for coming back to this recap every week and I’m sorry I didn’t get it done sooner.

Now… Miss Tyrant. Can I get an UGH? What’s the female version of a douche bag? Seriously. You, your manipulations, and choice to steer ANTM away from modelling towards gimmicks and branding has cost you audience loyalty, credibility, and relevance. This latest stunt has everyone I know rolling their eyes and talking about moving on. Is it time? Are we there? I don’t know about all of you, but I’m pretty damn close to letting ANTM go. Sigh.

On with the crap! We start off back at the house with Sophie celebrating her best photo. The Brits are really whooping it up. Laura for some reason is super stoked that Kyle is gone. She’s jumping, she’s fist pumping, she’s barking. Alisha is worried that Tyrant called her too “commercial”, which I think is nuts because we ALL know Tyrant is looking for a commercial brand, not a fashion model.

Later that night, the whacko “brand futurist” (gag me) shows up on the big screen to let the wannabes know they are about to go on a casting call for a “very important event”, He gives each of them a few reminders. Sophie needs to make sure she doesn’t get too full of herself. Eboni needs to watch the arrogance. Seymone has to work on her body language to match her fiercely real body. That one was just pandering nonsense. Who writes this crap? Alisha must watch how she crumbles after bad critiques. That was all we saw. Tyrant must’ve been too busy writing the craptastic sequel to Modelland to give them any real advice.

The next day, the wannabes meet up with some “fashion elites” for this mysterious casting call at the Beverly Hills Hotel where Kelly Cutrone is waiting. She’s hanging out with Bronwyn Cosgrave, Chairperson of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize. The wannabes that pull off the casting will open a show for some supes influential fashion mavens, including Georgina Chapman and Karen Craig from Marchesa and Francisco Costa from Calvin Klein who will be judging the Fashion Prize show. This is actually pretty huge. Kelly Cutrone must’ve pulled this one off. The winning designer gets 40 grand and the chance to show their collection at Paris Fashion Week. High stakes for them… high stakes for our models to try and get cast in the show. Each girl will get a spot, but not all will be picked to open.

The designers competing for the Fashion Prize are Anndra Neen, Giulieta, Julian Louie, and Siki Im.

Some high… ahem and low… lights. Catherine totally tripped up and almost bailed at the Anndra Neen casting. Kelly Cutrone snarked at Laura and told her not to look so serious… “It’s not the end of the world, it’s only fashion”. OMG. I’m telling Tyrant you said that! Girls have got kicked off for saying less! Ultimately, Alisha was picked to open for Anndra Neen and Annaliese was picked to open for Julian Louie. Sophie was picked to open for TWO… Siki Im and Giulieta! Go gurl! No Americans were picked to open, but all of them will still be walking at some point. Sophie DEFINITELY rocked it during the shows. She looks soooo good on the runway. Not sure what’s going on with her platinum blonde hair during the ep and her super pink hair during confessionals, but I am in LOVE with the platinum blonde. She totally looks like a 2012 Princess Di in that Giulieta outfit. On the flip side, Seymone was a total arm swinging baggy clothes wearing mess. At the end of it all, the winner of the Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize was Anndra Neen! Alisha opened for that one. Nice!

The next day, the wannabes all met Mr. J for a couture fashion shoot based entirely on Hello Kitty products. OMFG. This is gonna be whack. Their photographer is 16 year old Ann He. She won some contest.


Her outfit was like Queen Victoria meets Tokyo street vendor. J was loving the regal vibe she was throwing down. The final photo is actually a real let down. Her face looks too harsh and the jump is awkward. I’m pretty sure I could’ve grabbed a better picture of her in freeze frame from my tv. Methinks Tyranipulation may be at work and we’ll see her undeservedly in the bottom 2. Georgina does love the strength in her eyes though.


She certainly made good use of the toy whip. Girl was going Toy Story dominatrix! And it is HAWT! She went for it. Rawr. Kelly LOVES it. She didn’t even give Tyrant any time to moderate. She jumped right in there. Nigel said it’s her best photo to date and Georgina loves that she is owning the look.


Her outfit was awesome Strawberry Shortcake meets the Queen of Hearts, but she seemed to struggle making it work. The final photo is interesting. Like Kelly, I like the silhouette, but I’m not loving the face. Her body is actually awesome, but she just looks confused. Georgina actually likes that it’s slightly off. Overall, it is the best pose out of the bunch but the face knocks her down a bit.


She was really rocking the Hello Kitty Samurai look and both Mr. J and the photographer were loving her look. And, I am LOVING the pose she is rocking in this photo up on her stiletto toes like that. Werk. But, Nigel is not loving her face. It is a bit of a miss, but the body makes up for it.


I LOVED her look. Totally a superhero Geisha, but she came out bitching right away about the head piece hurting. I am SO over her. The judges were not in love with the final photo at all. Me neither. She looks like she’s about to take a dump while falling over. Nigel said it was “modelling 101” and Kelly said it just looked stumbly. Tyrant wanted her to do more… “heeeaaah”,


Never thought a dress covered in lunch boxes could look so cool! That was a really cool concept and it all worked. She really seemed to benefit from some cool makeup. Her face is really popping. The judges were all liking it, but didn’t really say anything specific aside from some story about Tyrant’s childhood. Yawn.


Poor girl probably had the worst outfit. A stuffed animal cowl is not easy to rock. Even I know that. She really seemed to struggle and it showed. I actually like the simple pose, but her face is just blank. The judges, particularly Georgina, said she didn’t bring the humour into her face.

OMG. Did you see the commercial for Breaking Pointe? I cannot WAIT to watch that. Bring on the ballet! And with that… on to panel. Georgina Chapman is there as guest judge. Take note Tyrant. Please! After all the judging Alisha was called first! Well deserved. Runner up was Sophie! Yay. She was followed by Catherine (didn’t see that one coming!), Laura, and Annaliese. That left Yanks Eboni and Seymone in the bottom 2. I’d be happy with either of them going home. Seymone is going home. Yay! All in all, this was a pretty good episode and almost, ALMOST, makes up for Tyrant’s nonsense. You know what made this episode good? FASHION.

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  • Rob

    They’re warming up Catherine to get “the treatment”
    pity, she deserves to be around at least further than ebony, annaliese or laura

    sophie kills it always!
    did anyone else think alisha is getting a bit bitchy with sophie, now that she’s been twice on top?

    i saw her criticizing sophie twice
    and i did watch her season in bntm and the gurl though she had “winner” written on her face. She does have a bit of an ego

    she better watch out. I like her, but sophie should win this season

  • Emmanuel

    Welcome back Rich! I don’t know how Seymone made it this far. She’s like the Angelea circa All Stars of this cycle.