ANTM 18 Episode 7 Preview Pics: All You Can Eat Buffet

Apologies for no ANTM recap this week. Our resident expert Rich is in Puerto Vallarta sipping on some margaritas and conducting his own gay “Easter Egg Hunt” *wink*. It’s a good thing he missed last night’s show because it would’ve driven him crazy, specifically Tyra. She was in fine form with her over-the-top’ness and indulgent tutorials. Really, did we need a master class on all the various types of booty tooching. That said, at least I now know the international sign language for “smizing“. You never know when that’s going to come in handy.

I half debated doing a recap, Rich even asked me to, but I know I couldn’t even come close to his fiercely real intoxibella powers of recapping. He is pretty awesome at doing them. We need to think of an intoxibella name for him. That said, I had titles for my potential recap all raring to go including, “It’s All Fun And Games Til A Teddy Bear Loses Its Ear” or “No Booty Tooching For You“. Instead of a recap, I’m going to combine my thoughts on last night’s episode with my weekly preview pics for next week’s. So, here goes nothing…

How shocking was last night’s elimination? I honestly didn’t see it coming, but the second Miss Andro-Genia aka AzMarie defied Tyrant’s wishes, I knew she was toast. Whatever bullshizz Tyra fed to us last year how it was a democracy at panel and not a dictatorship was obviously not true. She solely ousted AzMarie. It sucks it happened though, because I was looking forward to having our first openly-out lesbian win this cycle. Oh well, Plan B for Bankable Productions now.

On to this week’s challenge. I hate to say it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the campiness of the music videos. All-Star Winner Lisa D’Amato did a decent job of writing lyrics for the remaining ladies. Obviously, the Brits won. The UK has given us The Spice Girls, All Saints, The Saturdays, Girls Aloud… etc. They like, invented, girl groups. With exception to Annaliese, the three other Brits killed it. I loved Catherine’s broken down doll staccato moves. They definitely were Fiercely British.

Over on the US girls side, who came up with a lame ass name, should’ve known they were in trouble. You know you’re up creek without a paddle when Seymone is your star. They were all over the place. Laura’s animosity towards Kyle definitely played a role in their chemistry and synchronicity. Speaking of which, I love how Laura only bitches about Kyle, even though it was Sophie who took her bear and Annaliese who ripped the ear. Apparently, kicking the defiled ear a few inches in the pool was the gravest crime of all. These beyotches are crazy.

At panel, Tyra was joined by my girl Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle. Speaking of the latter, the producers decided to randomly subtitle her at the oddest spots. When I could understand her, the subtitles appeared and when I needed clarification, no subtitles in sight. Alisha got first call out, much deserved, followed by the rest of the British girls. Kyle and AzMarie landed in the bottom two with AzMarie getting the boot. So sad. Let this be a lesson to all future contestants. Don’t f*ck with the HBIC.

Okay, enough about last week, let’s get to next week. The girls find themselves having to pose as art installations during a dinner party at the photo shoot. WTF. British singer Estelle joins the ladies for the all-you-eat buffet. Girlfriend really needs to come up with another “American Boy” instead of popping up on ANTM. I really don’t get why she’s in the pictures. You barely notice her. But you know what you do notice… Seymone looking hilariously awkward in the background in a couple of shots. Check out a few pics from next week’s photo shoot below. Enjoy.

Checking out the competition.

Catherine’s pose here looks way better than the one that ended up in her final photo. Sabotage???

Alisha is going to get called out for being a no-neck monster here.

What did I tell you about Seymone. Just look at her in the background. No ugly pretty here. That’s one awkward pose Eboni’s working out.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

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  • I disagree, someone needed to be the relatable and happy one of the brits, Annalise did the job well. Plus, what the fuck else was she supposed to do with pompoms? Sadly she’s going home this week. Not because she has the worst photo, but because she has the worst photo of the Brits.

  • @Tyson. Sadly, I think you’re right. I think it should be Seymone who needs to go, but girlfriend does pull out a pretty awesome pose next week.

  • Zack

    @Tyson, Well actually it is confirmed that either Kyle or Catherine will be the next to go home…..
    Annaliese, in my opinion is doing well in the competition, but mostly gliding through it, but unlike Catherine, she is more memorable and has her own niche/personality.

  • Logan

    I’m sorry but Azzmarie was just stupid, after freaking 18 cycles of top model you don’t know how Tyra thinks?
    Even I wouldn’t dare to say no to that woman, she’ll cut a bitch.
    I would love to see a openly lesbian win this competition but it was her time to go, once you defy Tyrangelina Jolie you’re dead on her book.
    I dream with a brit domination next week. But I really think the bottom 2 will be Kyle and Catherine .

  • steven

    Annaliese is my favorite. you should go on youtube and find her recaps of the episodes, their so funny and insightful of all the things edited out.

  • Marck

    looks like that Ebony is giving birth to Sophie, tbqh!

  • zeze

    now azmarie is gone, either sophie or laura FTW..
    and i have to say that both sophie and laura haven’t take any bad shoot..hope they are the final 2..

  • Brendan

    What was up with Lisa talking winning the music video challenge from All Stars? When she came to the house and introduced the challenge, she talked about when they did it for All Stars and said “that’s the challenge I won.” Um, Allison won that challenge and Lisa was runner-up. It’s a small detail, but it was annoying because I guess they assume the audience has short-term memory loss from one season. It’s kind of not cool she would claim that win. OB-noxious.

  • OMG, I heard Pot Ledom again!!!!! I die.

  • Jamie

    I am really hoping the spoilers that say Catherine is going home next are un-true, because I LOVE Catherine. Even though she seems kinda timid in judging, she showed her true self in the music video and I like that. And I’ve also watched her recaps on youtube and the real Catherine just shines out. I believe that she will be a PERFECT covergirl and winner.

  • Alex

    I’ve stoped watching ANTM… it’s kinda boring now, bad pics, bad casting, stupid debates (USA-UK?). Bah. I’m done with it.