Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud. Who does girl groups better, the Brits or the Yanks? I’m sure we’ll find out on the next episode of “America’s Next Top Model“. For next week’s challenge, the girls are divided into two teams to create and record music videos. On paper, you’d think the US girls have the upper hand. But as witnessed in the All-Stars cycle, you can never count anyone out. Who knew Allison Harvard would produce a killer creepy video? Boy, was Lisa D’Amato pissed.

Fittingly enough, joining the judging panel this week are Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle from the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud respectively. I have no doubt both ladies will dole out sage girl group advice, especially my girl Sutta. Love that woman. Also handing out her expertise will be Tyra Banks. Judging from the preview photos, she’ll be joining them in the dance studio. We all know Tyra has an extensive background in singing and dancing, right? Can’t wait for this episode which will undoubtedly provide a lot of laughs. Catch a few pics of the girls getting their groove on below.

Looks like another Tyra tutorial is on our way. I wonder what nonsense she’ll be spewing this time around.

It’s the ANTM’s version of the Spice Girls. They sort of are believable as a girl group though, aren’t they?

It’s a mother effin’ booty tooch dance off. Who do you think will win the battle?

Oh, poor Catherine. She looks so awkward. I wonder if anyone will fall down during choreography like Yoanna did way back in Cycle 2. That clip of her bailing still cracks me up.

Seymone is definitely killing it here. Notice how spread apart Eboni’s legs are. LOL.

Doesn’t my girl Jessica Sutta look amazing. Be sure to check out my recent interview with her regarding this episode.

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