So long Candace, it was nice knowing you… SORTA. With habitually Angry Face eliminated, the girls head up North for Toronto Fashion Week. Candace must’ve been pissed when she found out she just missed out on a free trip to Canada. Oh well, I’m sure the ANTM production team brought back some maple syrup as a consolation prize.

In Toronto, the remaining ten girls go on casting calls to book modeling jobs. A go-see challenge already? Does this mean that some girls won’t participate in the runway shows? God, I hope so. This past week, the girls quickly turned on Kyle when she received positive feedback from the focus group. Can you just imagine the drama that will ensue from the girls who aren’t book? You have to check out the picture of AzMarie on the catwalk. Andro-Genia sure is looking like the one to beat this cycle. FIERCE.

For this week’s photo shoot, the girls wear foilage while being covered in maple syrup. Sounds like a sticky situation, right? Based on the final outcome, it was all worth it. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Check them out below. Joining the judging panel this week is model legend Beverly Johnson. This former supermodel was the first black woman to grace the cover of American Vogue back in 1974. Johnson made it on my Top 10 Black Supermodels list that I wrote a few years back. Definitely read it, if you haven’t done so already.

Don’t they look absolutely ecstatic having their HAIR DID?

AzMarie looking fierce on the runway at Toronto Fashion Week.

Waiting in the wings to get maple syrup’d.

Cute dude on step ladder can soak me anytime with his maple syrup *wink*.

Eboni channeling her intoxicabella persona, 30 NEVER.

Model legend Beverly Johnson joins the panel this week. Tyra sure is loving the tight bun this cycle isn’t she? It’s her go-to hairstyle.

Magnificent. Laura is killing it.

Alisha’s skin looks breathtaking here.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

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