ANTM 18 Episode 5 Recap: “These B*tches Are About To Be Cooked”

Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant finally delivered a proper photoshoot that let us see which models were really starting to pull away and which were soon to be cannon fodder. AzMarie and Laura seem to the frontrunners for Team Yank while Catherine and Sophie are leading the charge for Team Brit. Unfortunately, we did have to endure another challenge about branding because as we all know being America’s Next Top Model isn’t about modeling, it’s about being a ridiculous brand. Ahem Angelea. Ahem Lisa. Thankfully, Candace and her forced lip pout were sent packing. And this week, the wannabes are off to CANADA for Toronto Fashion Week. Welcome to the land of beavers ladies! How many god-awful Canadian stereotypes will be thrown in our faces? Will Tyrant end every sentence in “eh”? Only 10 girls are left. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Okay second paragraph is all ‘bout Canada tonight. For you American readers, here are some things you need to know about this Canadian. 1 – I do not say “aboot”. I’m from Vancouver; we talk like Californians, not Scottish/North Dakota hybrids. 2 – I do say “eh” and “sorry” WAY TO MUCH. Sometimes thank you and sorry come out in the same sentence. “Oh, excuse me, thanks, sorry”. 3 – I have never seen an igloo in person, but I did play hockey. 4 – I absolutely think curling is an awesome sport and more people should watch it on TV. 5 – I absolutely think Cary Rae Jepsen needs to be the next big Canadian artist to make it in the USA. “Call Me Maybe” is so the song of 2012. And yes, you should call me, maybe.

We start off this week AzMarie celebrating her second best photo in a row. She’s feeling her groove. Sophie then hits the confessional to let us know she is ready to take AzMarie on and step up her game. Then we get Eboni, whose face is still effed up from that curling iron, bitching about Kyle still being here despite her almost quit moment last week. Laura then delivers a truth bomb and says the girls who keep complaining about insignificant things should just shut up. Amen sister. Amen.

Next up, the girls find a video message from Mr. J who is up in Toronto, Canada getting ready to present his second collection for Attitude Jay Manuel. He lets the girls know that they’ve all been invited to Toronto Fashion Week where they’ll go on some castings and actually get a shot of booking a job on the runway. They all scream. Alisha and Annaliese hit the confessionals to let us know that they are gonna kick some American ass up in Canada because the Yanks are sad sacks on the runway. Alisha says, “these bitches are about to be cooked”. Werq.

Once we get to Toronto, we find the girls 1465 feet up in the air inside the CN Tower… once the world’s tallest free standing structure and tower. It held that record for 34 years until the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower beat it. It’s still the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. Go Canada! Mr. J is there to meet them. He lets them know that they are going to hit real castings for real shows for Fashion Week. This is actually pretty cool. The girl that does the best will win some pieces from his collection. How exciting! Did we even know he had one? Wah wah.

First up… Kim Newport-Mimran, President of Pink Tartan. She liked and booked Sophie, Laura, and Kyle but pretty much trashed any girl that was too “hippy”… not the pot smoking, dread wearing hippy, but actual hips swaying back in forth hippy. Seymone was pretty much S.O.L. She wasn’t particularly interested in Catherine or Ashley either. I would love to hear her trash Tyrant’s hippy walk!

Next up was the Toronto Start-Up Show. It was a group casting for six designers, including Triarchy, Travis Taddeo, Martin Lim, UNTTLD and Cassie Dee. Casting Director Hans Koechling was there to lead the process. The wannabes they decided to “hold” were AzMarie, Annaliese, Alisha, Sophie, and Eboni. Annaliese, Alisha and AzMarie each ended up with 2 of the bookings. The Triarchy designers even wanted AzMarie to close their show. WOW. That’s pretty cool. I have to say, this is one of the best Go-See type things ANTM has ever done. This is real fashion. I can’t even bitch about it… well I can still be snide… It’s got Mr. J written all over it. He made this happen. Tyrant is nowhere to be seen. They should bring back Canada’s Next Top Model. He was so good as host. Sophie’s now up to three bookings. Eboni seemed to really impress the casting director… she hit 4 bookings! She finally dumped the pigtails Tyrant’s been making her wear as her “brand” and rocked a relaxed ponytail instead. She looks way better and its paying off. Catherine, Ashley, Seymone are still at zero.

The wannabes then meet up with Mr. J again. He’s with his line’s runway stylist George Antonopolous and casting director Cynthia Florek. They ended up Laura, Kyle, AzMarie, and Sophie. Catherine, Ashley and Seymone totally struck out. Ouch. Sophie and Eboni are tied with four so their performance in the shows will determine the winner.

OMG. And then the sh*t got real! This is the best episode of ANTM in forever. Seriously. Kyle and Laura got cut from Pink Tartan after rehearsals because they weren’t good enough! Snap. This is whole ANTM should work. Are you taking notes Tyrant? Mr. J is showing you how to keep it real. During the shows Sophie and AzMarie totally rocked it. Ultimately, J gave the win to both Eboni and Sophie. They each get some of his clothes and an all-expense paid trip to the Calgary Stampede!

After the girls check into the fabulous penthouse at One King West, they hit the hay and get ready for a very sweet photo shoot. Maple syrup sweet that is! They’re in the awesome Distillery District of Toronto, covered in maple leaves, and draped in organic maple syrup. Their photographer is Miguel Jacob.


Mr. J thought she did a really good job of “modeling through” the syrup. The photographer seemed to respond really well too. And I am responding to this pic! Nigel too. We both go right to her face. So much intensity. I’m also loving her broken down pose. It doesn’t look posed. So good. Beverly loves that it is high fashion.


She seemed to get some good praise from the photographer, but we didn’t see much of her shoot. I actually like her final pic. Her face looks great and she’s shining through everything that’s going on. But the judges are just lukewarm. Kelly thinks she needs to model more and Nigel is worried about her angles.


She was determined to “model the hell out of it” to bounce back from her lack of bookings in the challenge. J was loving the angles she was working. She is a chameleon. This is a great beauty shot. Nigel likes the sincerity. I like that her hair isn’t purple in it. The syrup is hiding the colour. I think they should dye it dark brown. Tyrant thought it was stunning and full of smize.


She was feeling a little low, but the photographer let out some “beautifuls” during the shoot. It is beautiful. She is consistent! Nigel really likes the shape she created. I’m not as sold as him, but it is definitely up there. Tyrant likes that she’s showing her softer side.


J was digging her animalistic approach and I do too. She’s really going for it. I’m not sure what it has to do with maple syrup… ooh… maybe it’s a wolverine thing! Nigel really likes the photo… Tyrant and Beverly too.


She looked really pretty during the shoot but the photo is not the best. It’s pretty timid. I think this is another one of those bogus picks by Tyrant. Take a still frame from her posing montage and there are better pictures than this. She’s in trouble. Tyrant likes the vulnerability though.


She looked really rather stunning in the shoot. Her body is amazing. The photo is too. Beverly loves the waistline, her pose, and her eyes. She called it extraordinary. Kelly said she looks like a model. That’s big praise from her!


She nailed it. You can tell just by watching the shoot. You didn’t even need to look at the final pic… but let’s do it anyways! Wow. First off, I love how her body shape is making the syrup actually drip. It’s awesome. Beverly called it “hot” and original. Kelly loved loved loved it.


J and the photographer were loving her in this shoot. J said she “nailed that and a bag of chips”, Was that a fat joke? Hmmm… Yes she looks beautiful, her face is beautiful, but this pose puts her proportions out of whack for me. Her lower half looks like its 3 times the size of her upper half. Nigel loves it though. Whatever.


Once again, she chose to ignore Tyrant’s “be cute” lectures and went for sexy. Tyrant called it slammin’… and it is. It’s sexy as all hell but she found a way to be sexy without being hoochy. That seems to satiate Tyrant’s need for her to be a teen doll. The pose is awesome. Totally flawless.

At panel, Beverly Johnson is there as the guest judge. She was the first black woman on the cover of Vogue. Just have to say… it’s pretty clear that they’re back in the American studio. Tyrant didn’t bother to make the trip to Toronto… and it showed! That was actually a great 45 minutes of TV and reminded me of how great Canada’s Next Top Model was when Mr. J was the host. Someone needs to fire Tyrant. But first… it’s results time. Eboni was called first. Runner up was AzMarie. Then came Sophie, Seymone, Laura, Kyle, Alisha, and Annaliese. That left Ashley and Catherine in the bottom 2. Pretty sure Ashley is toast. Yep. She’s cute, but just wasn’t cutting it.

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  • Yves

    Ashley!?! She was mah FAVORITE on her cycle in Britain. And now this. Crap. Seymone should have gone home. Err.

  • petroleumjellyoriginal

    Great episode. Lol at the subtle fat joke

  • JP

    This is episode 5 and not 4.

  • Steph

    I’m on team AzMarie 100%. However, I was pretty shocked by Ashley’s elimination. It seemed that she was getting the winner’s edit all cycle.

    I did love the obviously scripted praise of Mr. Jay’s line. Really, AzMarie? You would REALLY wear that?

    Also, am I the only one that noticed that Sophie’s pink here is just gone? I know hair color fades, but it seems like it was gone after one episode. It was most obvious in the confessionals. During one, she’d be crazy bright pink. Two minutes later, there was nothing.

  • Thanks for the typo catch JP! *fixed

  • Catherine’s nose is BUSTED up in that pic.

    AzMarie is murdering it… though I’m worried that they’re being idiots and getting annoyed with her “cocky attitude”… i’m sorry tyra, but you stand in JUDGEMENT of alllll those girls and tell them they need to more like you in every way and you’re calling THIS girl out for knowing she’s awesome? pathetic. i’m wondering if she might get bounced for being too good as you’ve (rich) called her out for killing careers of girls who could overtake her.

    SOOO right they shit picked on Ashley’s shot. her eye looks all stroke-ish. they wanted her gone for whatever reason and made it happen. post production reality shot bull shit.

    Seymone looked gi-normous. glad you called it out.

    also, can we talk about the fact that J said: “oh, did you think you’d escape canada without a photo shoot?” i love how “awful” toronto is that they have to run from it.

  • Steph- loved that you noticed that hahah yeah azmarie is totally a full length, loose, pink flower dress thing wearing kind of girl. HA.

  • Logan

    I so miss Canada’s Next Top Model, The judges were amazing and they really cared about each girl as you could see tears coming trough their eyes on almost every elimination. Tyra is just using the Brits for enterteinment and she’s being totally Team US. How come none of the Brits ever got a FCO? Jay put her to shame on this episode, I’d love it seeing her as just a judge and him as the Host.
    ps: Nikita, Tia, Rebecca, Linsay, Meaghan, Maryam way better than most of the antm girls.

  • Yves

    That’s true, Logan.

    I watched Canada’s Next Top Model and Britain’s next top model, and I’ve gotta say, Nikita, Meaghan and Maryam would kick butt in this.

    Also Sophie and Ashley have grown so good since their stint in BNTM, especially Annaleise. I never thought she’d look good doing fierce modelling, as in her cycle, she was always deemed as too commercial.

  • I actually don’t understand why they didn’t just do a US vs CA cycle. That would be SOOOO much cooler and more relevant to north america. Plus a lot less offensive… Well maybe a bit. You know what I mean.
    I hated Az’s photo. So overrated. Sophie deserved first callout and that’s a fact.

  • I loved Canada’s Next Top Model, ANTM is turning (or already is) to a big joke.

  • KF

    I’m sorry but I just don’t get Kyle’s appeal. Her walk didn’t seem that good, and her expression during her casting walk was ridiculous. I’m not a fan of her picture either – that arm is so weird.

    Also why was there no mention of the fact that Seymone didn’t book any jobs? I’m sad but not entirely surprised to see Ashley go. I hope she has a lot of success in whatever she pursues next.

    I so wish they would do another cycle of CNTM. As everyone has pointed out, that Toronto trip really reminded me of how great those seasons were. There was so much less drama and bullshit.

  • Ken

    Seymone over Laura and Kyle?!!! Are you kidding me, that girl should really go home next.

  • cam

    Steph – that’s the first thing I thought when I heard Az say that. She would never wear anything in that collection! hahahaha it kills me when we actually get to see how fake these shows are

    What really bugged me was how both Catherine and Ashley got told off at panel about the castings, but Seymone didn’t. Why? Tyrant for real.