ANTM 18 Episode 10 Preview Pics: Crouching Tiger, Soaring Models

WOO HOO. I have to pat myself on the back for correctly predicting FCO (first call out) and the girl leaving from last night’s episode. Where do I apply to fill the vacated seat at the judging panel, because I rock. I probably wouldn’t last an entire cycle though, because Tyra would catch me rolling my eyes at all her cray cray antics. That said, I hope I can keep the streak alive and correctly predict who’s going home next week again

The five remaining wannabes leave Macau and head for cosmopolitan Hong Kong. I’ve been there twice and think it’s a beautiful city but didn’t have fun either time. So going a third time isn’t high on my world travel plans. When the girls arrive, they learn a fight sequence which they have to act in a scene with international actor and pop star Nicholas Tse.

Once they’re done playing “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, the Final 5 soar to new heights much to the chagrin of some of the girls. They have to pose atop a high rise tower in extreme rain and wind. I feel for them because I have serious vertigo and probably couldn’t do it even if I was harnessed with fifty million straps. Not going to happen. Keep reading to see who I think will receive FCO and receive a one way ticket home via a junk boat.

WTF is Miss Jay wearing? I would’ve fired him alone for that sea foam green outfit.

Annaliese looks ready to kick some butt here.

Poor Sophie looks like she’s going to cry. I don’t blame her. Check out the next pic.

Man, that Laura has some balls. You couldn’t pay me enough to get that close to the edge.

I debated between Alisha and Laura’s picture for first call out, but I think Alisha will take it. You should check out Laura’s picture in our gallery. It’s definitely FIERCE minus the odd hand pose.

Hands down Eboni has the worst picture. Don’t like the shape of her pose at all. With that said, I think Annaleise is going home. This season’s edit has an Eboni win written all over it.

ANTM Cycle 18 Photo Gallery

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  • October

    I dont agree with most of your opinion in top model photos… Laura’s hand in her shot is not awkward, its stunning, I took 3 years of fashion photography, and when u see a picture like Laura, is almost like ART… its so emotional and full haunting life….

    Alisha did Ok… her picture is good, is not amazing…

    Annaliese even though is not my favorite, her shot is pretty good,

    and Sophie and Ebony are the worst definitely

  • Ilog

    I don’t actually get the point of shooting on an impossibly high tower…. and then redoing the backdrop like it was a cheap-ass fake cgi.

  • Steve-O

    I think first call out will be down to either Laura and Sophie….want Sophie, but think it will be Laura.

    Alisha is going to get blasted for no neck!

  • Steph

    I’m going to disagree with the first call out. I think the panel will pounce all over Alisha for the lack of a neck.

    As much as I like Sophie, I kind of hate her picture. You can clearly see she was holding onto the harness. When they took that out, it made her just look awkward in a bad way.

  • Jayson

    I think FCO will go to Laura, but I actually think the “no neck” thing works for Alisha here, so she’ll probably take 2nd – the photo is probably the most high fashion out of the bunch IMO.

    I am really worried about Annaliese, purely because of Eboni’s “winner edit” despite a terrible pic this week, and Sophie is totally not going to go despite a crappy photo. Annaliese is only 5’7″ and the producers are going to start taking suitability for prizes into account now and will probably let Kelly Cutrone win with her stupid “presenter” reasoning. Shame I love the energy in her photo

  • I just won’t be able to see how Annaleise can be eliminated. She’s just come off having a stellar photo, commendable performance on the runway, and second callout. Meanwhile Eboni has been in the bottom 3 twice and an entire slew of terrible shots. And while the stupid “Youth” thing is not worth following, she HAS been told to do that for a while now and doesn’t even try. I mean, I get that it’s dumb, but other girls have been making the effort to take on criticism. it wouldn’t hurt to try and take at least one youthful shot, if only the shut Tyra up.

  • Yves

    WTF!? They’re wearing sneakers. Would’ve looked fiercer if they’ve done it with killer heels. Oh, well. This photo shoot seemed redundant. I think it was when the models of an earlier cycle posed to become “high-fashion” gargoyles or something.