Receiving the pictures for next week’s episode a week early has it’s pros and cons. On one hand, you get to see the girls’ final picture early and you get to formulate your own opinions without being swayed by editing or the judges’ views. On the flip side, you have to wait to see who’s going home. Last week’s preview, it was pretty obvious that Camille was next to be eliminated. How horrible was that pic? Like Rich, I also think that Camille wasn’t as cray cray this cycle. In fact, you almost felt sympathetic to the aging model during last night’s episode. Almost being the key word.

For next week’s episode we get a double dose of “celebrity” appearances. First we have the ever so popular annoying Kardashian sisters dropping by. The ladies show up during this cycle’s first runway challenge. I wonder what sage advice Kimmy K has to offer. Probably something like, make a sex tape, date athletes and have no discernible talent. Follow these steps and they too, can have a career on E! like her.

Also dropping by is Janet’s wacky older sister, LaToya Jackson. The “Entertainment Entrepreneur” (her profession on Celebrity Apprentice) shows up to give the girls pointers during the Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot. That’s right folks. The girls are emulating the “Thriller” singer during various points of his career. I can’t wait to hear Tyra’s explanation for this week’s creative direction.

Miss LaToya also pops up on the judging panel to help Nigel, Andre and Tyra with deliberations. I love how LaToya is now the go-to guest judge for these types of shows. First “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and now here. To be fair this cycle is pretty draglicious with Dominique, Isis, Lisa and Angelea in the mix. Check out this week’s preview pics below.

UGH, the Kardashian sisters drop by to pimp out their DASH boutique. Khloe I like, the other two… fill in the blanks. On a side note, doesn’t Jay look like he belongs on “The Hills” with that braid. LOL.

Allison is so pretty. She better win this entire thing or else.

Gotta love a complicated runway. Hopefully one of the girls bail trying to get off the carousel. The cycle where a swinging pendulum knocked off a girl off the runway is still my favorite ANTM runway challenge. The reverse escalator was a close second.

Latoya drops by to coach the girls on the Michael Jackson-themed photo shoot.

Dominique looks like a “Smooth Criminal”. Not bad.

Who knew country bumpkin Laura would kill at this photo shoot? She looks great.

Is guest-starring on reality shows Latoya’s full-time career now? Hopefully, she brings some of that zaniness she showed on “Celebrity Apprentice” on this episode.

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